Select Papyri, 2.312


Greek text:   PBad 75b
Date:   A.D. 147.

To Julius Saturninus, strategos of the Heracleopolite nome, from Petesouchus son of Pisoitis and Thenamenneus, of the village of Ancyronon. I make my return for the 9th year of Antoninus Caesar the lord, in accordance with the order of Valerius Proclus the praefect, for the half share which I own of a house and forecourt (?). Myself Petesouchus, aged 42, without distinguishing mark, my wife Tausiris daughter of Pareitis, aged 34, Pnephoros my son, aged 17, Psenamounis another son of mine, aged 5, without distinguishing mark. (Interpolated) His son Pnephoros was away from home in the 17th year. I own other buildings in the said village, and my wife Tausiris owns other buildings there. And I swear by the fortune of the Emperor Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius and by Heracles the god of the nome that I have presented the aforesaid return honestly and truthfully and have told no lie nor omitted anyone who ought to have been returned by me nor taken advantage of an identity of names nor presented any person for examination in the character of another, otherwise may I incur the consequences of the oath. The 10th year of the Emperor Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, Phamenoth 15

{Subscribed}   We, Mareis, through Aphunchis son of Phib( ), Ve( ) son of Harpsemis, Pachnoubis son of Ep . . . ., registrars (.), and . . . son of Isidorus, village scribe, through Panas, have signed.

papyrus 313

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