Select Papyri, 2.322


Greek text: POxy 245
Date:   A.D. 26.

To Chaereas, strategos, from Heraclius son of Apion and Naris son of Colluthus the elder. We return for the current 12th year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus the sheep which we own as six each, or twelve sheep in all. They will pasture, together with the lambs which they may produce, in the neighbourhood of Pela in the western toparchy and throughout the nome, mixed with those of Dionysius son of Hippalus and having for shepherd his son Straton the younger, who is on the poll-tax list of the said Pela. We will also pay the proper tax upon them. Farewell.

{Signed}   I, Sarapion, toparch, have signed a return of twelve sheep, total 12.

{Dated}   The 12th year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, Mecheir 5.

papyrus 323

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