Select Papyri, 2.324


Greek text: POxy 247
Date:   A.D. 90.

To Theon and Epimachus, keepers of the archives, from Panechotes son of Pausiris son of Panechotes, his mother being Tsenammonas daughter of Panechotes, of the city of Oxyrhynchus. I register for my full brother . . ., of the said city, who is approaching the legal age, in accordance with the commands of his excellency the praefect Mettius Rufus, his property at the present date in the Campus near the Serapeum by the city of Oxyrhynchus in the Cavalry Camp quarter, namely a third part of a double-towered house, in the middle of which is an open-air hall, and of the courtyard attached to it and the other fixtures and the entrance and exit and appurtenances, which has descended to him from the personage of the deceased mother of us both, the aforesaid Tsenammonas, of the said city, in accordance with his rightful claims. The ninth year of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus, Phamenoth 14.

papyrus 325

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