Select Papyri, 2.329


Greek text: PSI 901
Date:   A.D. 46.

We, Heracleides son of Tryphon, scribe of the fishermen of the shore of Berenicis Thesmophori, and Harmieus son of Anoubas, Papis son of Onnophris, Panomieus son of Akes, Sekoneus son of Patunis, Anchorimphis son of Orseus, Harpagathes son of Nilus, Panomieus son of Harmais, Necches son of Opis, Orseus son of Opis, Patunis son of Orseus, Orseus son of Orseus, Patunis son of Satabous, Pelous son of Patunis, all thirteen being elders of the fishermen of the villages of Narmouthis and Berenicis Thesmophori, swear, all fourteen, to the agents of Sarapion son of Ptolemaeus, nomarch and superintendent of the revenues and the distribution of imposts of the Arsinoite nome, by Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator that we never have been or will be privy to fishing or dragging a net or casting a net to catch the images of the divine oxyrhynchi and lepidoti {fish}, in conformity with the public engagement signed by us and the other fishermen. If we swear truly, may it be well with us, if falsely, the reverse. The 6th year of Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator, Pharmouthi 22.

papyrus 330

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