Select Papyri, 2.334


Greek text:   PGurob 8
Date:   210 B.C.

Year 12, Epeiph 10. Memorandum to Teos the royal scribe. Amosis, village scribe of Apollonias, to Teos greeting. I subjoin for your information a copy of the notification presented to me by Heracon the superintendent of the estate of Pitholaus. Goodbye. (Year) 12, Epeiph 9.

Notification to Amosis, scribe of the village of Apollonias, from Heracon, superintendent of the estate of Pitholaus. On the ... of Epeiph Theophilus son of Dositheus, Philistion son of . . ., and Timaeus son of Telouphis, all three Jews of the Epigone, raided the fruit-garden of the aforesaid Pitholaus, which is in the bounds of the aforesaid village, and stripped the grapes from ten vines ; and when Horus the guard ran out against them, they maltreated him and struck him on any part of the body that offered ; and they carried off a vinedresser's pruning-hook. The aforesaid robbers are living in Kerkeosiris. I estimate the grapes gathered as enough to make 6 metretae of wine.

{Endorsed}   To the royal scribe. Year 12, Epeiph 10. Concerning a vineyard of Pitholaus stripped of its grapes.

papyrus 335

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