Select Papyri, 2.349


Greek text:   PHamb 24
Date:   222 B.C.

In the 24th year of the reign of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy and Arsinoe, gods Adelphi, the priest of Alexander and of the gods Adelphi and the gods Euergetae being Archetas son of Iasius, the kanephoros of Arsinoe Philadelphus being Timonassa daughter of Zoilus, in the month of Dius, at Hiera Nesus of the Gods Soteres in the Arsinoite nome. Ptolemaeus son of Mnesias, of the troop of Ptolemaeus son of Eteoneus in the second hipparchy, holder of 100 arourai, acknowledges to Petosiris son of Searmotes, toparch of the district assigned to him in the division of Heracleides, and to Horus, royal scribe, that he has sown on his own holding in the area of Hiera Nesus of the Gods Soteres eighty arourai with summer sesame to be harvested in the 25th year, and that he has received from the bank in Crocodilopolis as wages for labour two drachmas of silver for each aroura, making one hundred and sixty drachmas, and that he will deliver his whole crop of sesame to the Crown in the 25th year and will repay the wages for labour to the king through the said bank in the 25th year. If he fails to repay, he shall forthwith forfeit one and a half times (?) the amount, and Petosiris or another person producing the contract shall have the right of execution upon all the property of Ptolemaeus and that of his surety as in the case of debts to the Crown. Surety for Ptolemaeus for the refunding of the wages for labour ; Paneuis son of Pais, . . . This contract shall be valid. Witnesses : Antigenes, . . ., Hermon, Persian, both of the troop of Ptolemaeus son of Eteoneus, Sostratus, Thracian, Dies, . . ., . . ., Achaean, all three of the troop of Hippocrates, the whole five belonging to the second hipparchy, holders of 100 arourai, Polemon son of Menelaus, Macedonian of the Epigone.

papyrus 350

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