Select Papyri, 2.357


Greek text:   CPHerm 119 ( SPP 5.119 )   Fr 4
Date:   A.D. 266.

Aurelius Nemesianus son of Cratistus to their excellencies the senate of Hermopolis the great, ancient, illustrious, and most august city, through Marcus Aurelius Corellius son of Alexander, retired officer of equestrian rank, gymnasiarch, senator, prytanis in office of the said city, most affectionate greeting. I wish to purchase from the municipal treasury a house with the surrounding premises and waste grounds containing rubbish-heaps, the whole property being in ruins and for the present in useless condition. It was formerly called Hoplon's and is situated in Hermopolis in the East-end quarter below the south colonnade of the Antinoite street ; and no profit is derived from it by the municipal treasury owing to its having been completely damaged in the abominable riots which have formerly taken place in the city. Its boundaries are : on the south the street of Domitianus by which there is entrance and exit, on the north the Antinoite street by which likewise there is entrance and exit, on the east the house of Hermes the pastophorus and partners, on the west that of Claudius Dicaearchus, ex-magistrate of the illustrious Antinoopolis. It was assigned to the city in accordance with the order of Claudius Theodorus of most distinguished memory. I am willing to purchase it for the price of two thousand silver drachmas, total 2000 silver dr., which if my offer is ratified I will pay to the municipal treasury, and the possession and ownership of the property shall be permanently guaranteed to me and my descendants and successors, the city guaranteeing it to me for ever by every sort of guarantee ; but if it is not ratified, I shall not be bound by this offer. I pray for your health, most honoured Sirs. The 14th year of the Emperor Caesar Publius Licinius Gallienus Germanicus Maximus Persicus Maximus Pius Felix Augustus, Hathur 16.

papyrus 358

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