Select Papyri, 2.358


Greek text:   PLond 306   ( WChr_263 )
Date:   A.D. 145.

The eighth year of the Emperor Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, 5th intercalary day of the month Caesareus, at Heraclea in the division of Themistes in the Arsinoite nome. Stotoetis son of Stotoetis son of Horus, collector of money taxes for the aforesaid village of Heraclea, aged about 26 years, with a scar on the left shin, acknowledges to Saturnilus son of Apion son of Didymus, aged about 50 years, with a scar on the middle of the forehead, that he, the acknowledging party, has appointed Saturnilus to act as collector for two years from the coming 9th year of Antoninus Caesar the lord and to pay to the Treasury the third part, that for which Stotoetis is responsible, of the liabilities of the aforesaid collectorship, Saturnilus having similarly to make good by serial payments the third part for which he is responsible. Saturnilus shall further send in the books of the office at the usual appointed times, and he shall provide writing paper and shall be accountable for the other expenses. For salary he shall receive from Stotoetis two hundred and fifty-two drachmas a year, which the latter shall pay to him on four fixed dates every three months in equal instalments. And Stotoetis shall join in the work of collecting whenever there is need, because the appointment has been made on these terms. I, Saturnilus son of Apion . . .

papyrus 359

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