Select Papyri, 2.359


Greek text: POxy 1025
Date: Late 3rd cent, A.D.

The Aurelii Agathus, gymnasiarch and prytanis in office, Hermanobammon, exegetes, Didymus, chief priest, and Coprias, cosmetes of the city of Euergetis, to the Aurelii Euripas, actor, and Sarapas, Homeric reciter, greeting. Come at once, in accordance with your custom of taking part in the holiday, in order to celebrate with us our traditional festival on the birthday of Cronus the most great god. The spectacles begin to-morrow the 10th and will be held for the regular number of days ; and you will receive the usual payments and presents. Signed by me. I, Hermanobammon, exegetes, pray for your health. I, Didymus, chief priest, pray for your health. I, Coprias, pray for your health,

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