Select Papyri, 2.372


Greek text:   PCol 1 R.4
Date:   A.D. 155.

To Sabinus and his partners, state bankers, from the under-mentioned, state donkey-keepers of the villages of Mouchis and Eleusis, through Heraclas their delegate. We have received from you the money which you were ordered to pay as fees for the transport of wheat and barley which we have carried down, as certified, from the granaries of the division of Polemon to the landing-places, which fees amounted to 281/4 artabas of wheat and 29/24 artabas of barley, the equivalent of the wheat, at the rate of 8 drachmas for each artaba, being altogether 226 drachmas, and the equivalent of the barley, at the rate of 480 drachmae per 100 artabas, being 11 drachmas 2 obols 2 chalkoi, making a total of 237 drachmas 2 obols 2 chalkoi. The list is as follows. For Mouchis : Pacheus and Hekusis 75/6 artabas of wheat, Pacheus and Onnophris 411/24 artabas of wheat, Chrysas son of Pachnoubis 51/4 artabas of wheat, Pacheus son of Pacheus 65/24 artabas of wheat, Chrysas son of Pacheus 311/12 artabas of wheat. For Eleusis : Protas and Apheus 5/12 of an artaba of wheat, 2/3 of an artaba of barley, Protas son of Naabos 1/6 of an artaba of wheat, 117/24 artabas of barley. Total as stated above. Year 18 of Antoninus Caesar the lord, Mecheir 29. I, Heraclas the above-mentioned, have received the aforesaid 237 drachmas 2 obols 2 chalkoi.

papyrus 373

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