Select Papyri, 2.407


Greek text: POxy 2128
Date: Late 2nd or early 3rd cent. A.D.

To Heracleides son of Apollonius . . talents . . drachmas. To the providers of water 3383 drachmas 2 obols. To Publius Aelius Diogenes and Hatres son of Akoris, contractors for the doors of the Capitol, 2500 drachmas. To Demetrius and Diogenes, superintendents of the construction of the gate, 2000 drachmas. To Callinicus son of Epimachus and his fellow contractors for hangings 3500 drachmas. Paid to the public bank on account of the milling and fine-bread contract 1 talent 1651 drachmas. To Hypatus son of Paulinius and his fellow superintendents of the warm baths of Antoninus 2000 drachmas. To Dionysius also called Petronianus in command of the 50 night-watchmen 2000 drachmas.

papyrus 408

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