Select Papyri, 2.412


Greek text:   PFreib 7
Date:   251 B.C.

Antipater to Pythocles greeting. I append for you a copy of the letter written to me by Phanias. As soon therefore as you receive my letter, inspect and survey all the holdings under your superintendence, as Phanias has ordered, and after making a list as exact as possible according to crops send me the survey to submit to Phanias. Do the work scrupulously in the manner of one prepared to sign the royal oath. Goodbye. Year 34, Choiach 6.

Phanias to Antipater greeting, I wrote to you before, appending a copy of the letter of Diotimus, to look after all the cavalrymen who have been allotted land capable of being sown for the 35th year and see that it is all sown and that the cadets under your superintendence are enabled to provide for themselves out of the produce and to go down to the king mounted and furnished with everything necessary. As sowing has begun in your district, take at once some experienced surveyor and inspect all the holdings under your superintendence and after surveying them make a list according to crops, as exact as possible, of the land sown in each holding, continuing until you have inspected all. Do the work scrupulously in the manner of one prepared to submit the survey to me with a sworn declaration. Take care that you present it to us. For it is essential to know how each of the cadets is acquitting himself and it is proper for you who aspire to a command to render such services until the affairs of the cleruchy are settled, in order that having taken part in the work you may justly obtain promotion. Goodbye. Year 34, Dius 22, Hathur 29.

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