Select Papyri, 2.413


Greek text:   PPetr ii.12.1
Date:   241 B.C.

Agenor to Theodorus greeting. I have sent you a copy of the letter written to me by Aphthonetus, beneath which the memorandum from Andronicus to Aphthonetus is also appended. . . . the altars, in order that they may not be used for billeting . . . reply to me. Goodbye. Year 6, Artemisius 22.

Aphthonetus. I have sent you a copy of the memorandum submitted to me by Andronicus. Make an inquiry therefore, and if his statements are correct, do as requested. Year 6, Artemisius 2[.].

Memorandum to Aphthonetus, strategos, from Andronicus. We find that several of the houses in Crocodilopolis which had formerly been used for billeting have had their roofs demolished by the owners, who have likewise blocked up the doors of their houses and built altars against them ; and this they have done to prevent them being used for billeting. If therefore you approve, seeing that we are short of quarters, write to Agenor to compel the owners of the houses to transfer the altars to the most convenient and most conspicuous places on the housetops and to rebuild them better than they were before, in order that we may have accommodation to give to the overseers of the works who are now arriving.

{Addressed}   To Theodorus.

{Docketed}   Year 6, Choiach 9. Received by me from Agenor.

papyrus 414

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