Select Papyri, 2.421


Greek text: POxy 1022
Date:   A.D. 103.

C. Minucius Italus to his dear Celsianus greeting. Give orders that the six recruits who have been approved by me in the cohort under your command be included in the ranks from February 19. I append to this letter their names and descriptions. Farewell, dearest brother.

C. Veturius Gemellus, aged 21, without description, C. Longinus Priscus, aged 22, a mark on his left eyebrow, C. Julius Maximus, aged 25, without description, [.] Lucius Secundus, aged 20, without description, C. Julius Saturninus, aged 23, a mark on his left hand, Marcus Antonius Valens, aged 22, a mark on the right side of his forehead.

{Docketed} Received on February 21, in the 6th year of our Emperor Trajanus through Priscus, orderly. I, Avidius Arrianus, adjutant of the 3rd cohort of the Ituraeans, state that the original letter is in the archives of the cohort.

papyrus 422

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