Select Papyri, 2.430


Greek text: POxy 1835
Date: Late 5th or early 6th cent. A.D.

As we urged your lordship not to release the wives of the village headmen until we wrote to your magnificence, we accordingly urge our master to release the wife of Menas the headman, the wife of Dionysius the village scribe, the wife of Enoch the headman, the wife of Pkolius the chief guard of the fields, the wife of Phoebammon the comarch, the wife of Pamouthius the other comarch, and the wife of Enoch the comarch, making seven of their wives. We urge our master to let these be released, and whenever you order we will bring the said persons to you to be put in prison. We write this kissing the feet of our master.

{Addressed}   To our most honoured protector Maiaimakis, by the grace of God dioiketes, from Phoebammon and Philippus.

papyrus 431

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