Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 348


Greek text:   IG_12.9.210
Date:     302 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The island of Euboia was liberated by Demetrios in 304/3 B.C. ( IG_12.9.212 ), and this inscription shows that Eretria responded with enthusiasm, providing men for Demetrios' fleet.   Antigonos I founded or renamed several cities called Antigoneia; it is not certain which of these was the home city of Glaukippos and his brothers.

Proposed by Damasias of Aphareus, the son of Phanokleios; since Glaukippos and his brothers Hippodamas and Apollonios have continually acted well towards king Demetrios and the Eretrian people, and have shown great distinction in their care for those of the citizens who are serving as soldiers in the ships; 10 therefore it is resolved by the people to recognise Glaukippos and Hippodamas and Apollonios of Antigoneia, the sons of Dionysios, as proxenoi and benefactors of the Eretrian people, both themselves and their descendants; and they have the right to own both land and buildings; and they shall be able to import and export goods free of tax, 20 like the other Eretrians; and they shall have inviolability and security in peacetime and war by land and by sea; and they shall have priority in access to the council and the people, second only to sacred matters. This decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele, and placed in the temple of Apollo Daphnephoros.

inscription 349

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