Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 362


Greek text:   IG_2².641   ( see also IG_2³.1.844 )
Date:     299/8 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The purpose of the embassy to Kassandros, which is mentioned in this inscription, is not known for certain; see N.G.L.Hammond, "A History of Macedonia: 336-167 B.C.", page 204 ( Google Books ).

When Euktemon was archon, in the second prytany of the Antigonis tribe with Theophilos of Kephale, the son of Xenophon, as secretary of the prytany, on the 21st day of Metageitnion, which was the 21st day of the prytany, in the assembly; Lysimachos of Prospalta, the son of Nausistratos, and the other presidents put it to the vote on behalf of the presidents; 10 it was resolved by the people, as proposed by Philippides of Paiania, the son of Philomelos: since the envoys who were sent to king Kassandros have declared that Poseidippos who departed with them was of use to them and revealed the goodwill that he holds towards the Athenian people, therefore it is resolved by the people 20 to praise Poseidippos of Kothokidai, the son of Bakchias, and to crown him with an olive-wreath, so that as many men as possible may strive to do what it beneficial to the people. The secretary of the prytany shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and place it on the acropolis; 30 and the exetastes and the trittyarchs shall provide 20 drachmas to pay for the inscribing of the stone.

inscription 363

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