Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 381


Greek text:   IG_11.4.542
Date:     300-281 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This Demaratos appears to have been a descendant of two well-known medizers of the 5th century B.C., Demaratos of Sparta and Gongylos of Eretria, whose families continued to live in Asia Minor; see S.Hornblower, "The Greek World, 479-323 BC", page 19 ( Google Books ).

Resolved by the council [and the people, as proposed by] Aristolochos the son of Nikodromos: [since] previously Gorgion [the father of Demaratos] . . . did everything he could to help the temple, and now Demaratos, while he is staying with king Lysimachos, provides assistance to those of the Delians who meet him, and shows honour to the temple, maintaining 10 the goodwill that his father showed towards the temple and the Delians; and when he himself is here, he explains that it is the duty of his father and himself to show honour to the temple, just as their Lakedaimonian ancestors took great account of the temple and the Delians, keeping the temple safe for them; and he proclaims the goodwill that king Lysimachos holds towards the temple; and he states that he will report 20 the total goodwill of the Delian people to king Lysimachos and queen Arsinoē; therefore with good fortune it is resolved by the council and people to praise Demaratos of Lakedaimon, the son of Gorgion, because he is a benefactor of the people; and to crown him with the [sacred] laurel wreath of the god on account on his virtue and his goodwill towards the temple; and that the [sacred herald] shall announce the award of the crown [in the theatre] at the Apollonian games; 30 and the Delians [grant] to him [and his descendants the right to purchase land] and a house . . . and privileged seating [at all the games and] priority in access to the council [and the people], second [only to] sacred matters; and they shall have [the other rights] in [Delos that are granted by the] Delians . . .

inscription 382

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