Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 412


Greek text:   Sylloge_412
Date:     c. 260 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The Amptictyonic Council had imposed a penalty (probably a fine) on the city of Erythrai; the envoys from Erythrai were able to circumvent this by appealing to the Aetolian League, through the intervention of their proxenos Neoptolemos. Clearly by this time the Aetolians had complete control over the Amphictyonic Council, but the exact date of the inscription is unknown. See the comments of J.B.Scholten, "The Politics of Plunder", pp. 100 & 112 ( Google Books ).

Gods.   It was resolved by the council and the people, as proposed by the generals, the prytaneis and the exetastai: since Neoptolemos of Aetolia, the son of Physkos, our proxenos and citizen, when our envoys Pythagoras, Epikouros and Lampon arrived at Thermopylai and explained to him why they had been sent out, joined with them in deciding and doing what was beneficial to the city; and recommended that we send an embassy to the Aetolian league about the city and the judgment against it; and promised that he himself would join in resisting the misfortunes that have befallen the city; therefore, so that the people might be seen to reward those who choose to act favourably towards our city, with good fortune it is resolved by the council and the people to praise Neoptolemos son of Physkos and to crown him with a golden crown on account of his virtue and his goodwill towards the people; that this decree and the award of the crown shall be inscribed on a stele and set up at Delphi in the temple of Apollo; that the envoys Pythagoras and Epikouros shall take care of the preparation of the stele, inscribing on it: "The people of Erythrai in Ionia honour Neoptolemos the son of Physkos"; that the agonothetes shall proclaim the award of the crown at the Dionysian and Seleukeian games; and that this shall be regarded as for the protection of the city.

inscription 413

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