Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 437


Greek text:   Sylloge_437
Date:     240-230 B.C.
Tags:     loans+debts
Format:   see key to translations

It appears that Philistion was forced to pay a ransom in recompense for the public debts of the city of Delphi; but this "cryptic, ungrammatical text" does not give any more information; see W.K.Pritchett, "The Greek State at War", pp.100-102 ( Google Books ).

Gods. When the archon was Achaimenes and the members of the council were Iasimachos, Praxias, Emmenides, Echekratidas and Hippon, it was resolved by the city in full assembly with a vote as prescribed by law, that Philistion and his descendants shall be granted freedom from paying the expenses of public choruses and the medical tax, and that the city shall have no liability for any of the ransom, which Philistion states that he paid on behalf of the city, when, as he has reported, he was held to ransom on behalf of the city.

inscription 438

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