Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 463


Greek text:   IC_3.4.4
Date:     soon after 246 B.C.
Tags:     divine_honours

Itanos was one of the most important, and long-lasting, bases of the Ptolemaic forces in the Aegean Sea. It had been used during the reign of Ptolemaios II ( see OGIS_45 ) and now in this decree it demonstrated its loyalty to the new king and his wife. The history of Itanos during this period is discussed by R.S.Bagnall, "The Administration of the Ptolemaic Possessions Outside Egypt", pp.120-122 ( Google Books ).

For another translation and commentary on this inscription, see PHRC_11.

With good fortune. Since king Ptolemaios, taking over care for the city of Itanos from his father king Ptolemaios and his ancestors, has continually assisted the city in a fine and honourable fashion, and has preserved it with all goodwill, being governed according to its own laws; therefore it is resolved by the council and the assembly to establish the garden near the gate as a sacred precinct of king Ptolemaios and queen Berenike, the sister and wife of king Ptolemaios; the city shall perform a sacrifice every year on the birthday of the king to king Ptolemaios and queen Berenike, and the citizens shall complete a race-course. The kosmeteres in office with Soterios shall inscribe this decision on a stone stele, and put it up in the temple of the Athena Polias; the cost of the inscription shall be paid from the revenues of the city.

inscription 464

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