Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 498


Greek text:   CID_4.43
Date:     260/59 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

By appointing both Achaiïon and his son to be attendants, the Amphictyons ensured that this role would remain in the family for several decades ( see Syll_499 ); but Dittenberger points out that another man, Hereas, is recorded as performing the same role during this period ( Syll_436 ).

In the year of Peithagoras as archon, at the autumn assembly, when the hieromnemones were as follows:

and the secretary was Melanthios of Aetolia.

It was resolved by the hieromnemones, that Achaiïon and his son Antagoras shall be attendants of the hieromnemones, and shall be granted security and priority in receiving justice, the same as the herald of the Amphictyons, and they and their descendants shall have freedom from taxes.

Anyone who acts against them, contrary to these provisions, shall be liable to prosecution before the hieromnemones; and the hieromnemones in office shall be responsible for prosecuting and acting of their behalf.

inscription 499

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