Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 506


Greek text:   FD_3.3.218
Date:     c. 237/6 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Dittenberger suggested that this decree should be assigned to the year when Patrondas was archon of Delphi; that is doubtful, but the date is approximately correct - see J.B.Scholten, "The Politics of Plunder", page 249, note d ( Google Books ). Chios had been granted the privilege of sending a representative to the Amphictyonic Council in about 247/6 B.C. ( Syll_443 ).

Gods. In the year of [(?) Patrondas] as archon at Delphi, at the autumn assembly, when the hieromnemones were as follows:

It was resolved by the hieromnemones: since Timokrates [son of Timokrates, who has been sent] as hieromnemon by the city of Chios, has carried out the arrangements for the sacrifices splendidly and honourably; has taken great care to show piety towards the god; has heard court cases with his fellow hieromnemones, resolving some of them and judging the others justly according to the laws; has taken care of the games along with the other hieromnemones according to the decree of the Amphictyons, in a manner worthy of [both the city of Chios and the Aetolians]; and has continually provided assistance to everyone who arrives at the city, demonstrating the goodwill [which he holds towards the Aetolians and the other Amphictyons] . . . [therefore it has been resolved by the Amphictyons] . . . that the council [of the Amphictyons crowns] . . . and so that [a record of this] may remain for all time, to inscribe this decree on [three] stone steles, and to set them up, one at Delphi in the temple of Apollo, and the other two [at Chios]; and the secretary [of the hieromnemones] shall provide money for the cost of them.

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