Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 524


Greek text:   Chaniotis_64
Date:     early 3rd century B.C.
Tags:     oaths ,   taxation ,   treaties-cities
Format:   see key to translations

This document is unusual in that it openly declares that the Stalitai were subject to another city, Praisos, which had established control over part of Crete; see R.F. Willetts, "Aristocratic Society in Ancient Crete ", pp.129-130 ( Google Books ). For the economic aspects of the treaty, see D.Viviers in "From Minoan Farmers to Roman Traders", pp.225-6 ( Google Books ).


[A] Good fortune. It was resolved by the board of kosmoi and the city of Praisos, when Alidios was chief kosmos, along with the other kosmoi: in the year of these magistrates the Praisians granted to the Stalitai their territory and their city and the islands that they currently possess, and half of the harbour-dues and half of the 10% tax on purple and fish - there being no change in the arrangements for fish; they granted these rights to the Stalitai, both for themselves and for their descendants, to hold in complete security for all time . . . the kosmos appointed by the city of Praisos. When the kosmos has been appointed, the kosmos and twelve other citizens of Praisos shall swear an oath to the Stalitai; and the kosmos of Praisos shall swear an oath to the Stalitai every year, in the month of Dionysios, on behalf of his colleagues, as follows: " I swear by [Diktaian] Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Pythian Apollo, and the other gods and goddesses: I will act with goodwill towards the Stalitai, and we will allow the Stalitai to keep their territory and their city and their sea [and their islands] in complete security for all time. We will not take away these things from them, and if anyone else takes them away . . . we will not permit within our power. May it turn out well for us and our descendants and our possessions, if we keep our oath . . .

[B] . . . I will assist . . . with every eagerness; by this oath, which I have sworn, I bind my fellow-citizens, those who are at home presently, and those who are abroad, whenever they return. May it turn out well for me and my descendants and my possessions, if I keep my oath; but may I and my family be destroyed, if I break my oath. The Stalitai shall be subject to the city of Praisos, on the following terms: in Crete, the Stalitai shall sail in the southern sea, providing their own provisions; if they need to sail beyond Crete, for voyages to Delphi and Olympia, the men of Seteia shall sail with the Stalitai, each providing their supplies and pay; and the Stalitai and the men of men of Seteia shall share the task of sailing beyond Crete, according to the direction and location of their territory. If the kosmoi of Praisos instructs men from either of the cities to sail elsewhere, they shall sail as instructed, according to the location of their territory, but if they (?) lack money, the kosmoi of Praisos shall exact their pay from those who do not sail, at the rate of one drachma each per day . . . the Stalitai shall be subject . . . outside Crete, and if it is necessary to come back . . . they shall provide supplies . . .

inscription 525

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