Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 541


Greek text:   FD_3.2.18 ,   FD_3.2.166 ,   FD_3.2.19
Date:     240-210 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Athens lost its representative on the Amphictyonic Council when the city came under Macedonian control in 262/1 B.C., and was not formally represented again until late in the 3rd century (see Syll_539 ). But in the meantime the community of Tetrapolis in Attica, which was a local centre for the worship of Apollo, continued to maintain a close relationship with Delphi; see I.Rutherford, in "Music and the Muses: The Culture of mousikē in the Classical Athenian City", pp.77-8 ( Google Books ).

[A]   Gods.   It was resolved by the city of Delphi: since the citizens of Tetrapolis have sent Kydippos of Oinoē as an envoy to remind of their existing friendship towards our god and city, and to announce that they continue to offer their sacrifices and honours to the god; therefore it is resolved by the city that the citizens of Tetrapolis shall retain priority in access to the oracle for all time; and they shall be permitted to offer the traditional sacrifices on the altars, second only after the Delphians; and to grant them privileged seating at all the god's games; and to honour the citizens of Tetrapolis, and to crown them with a wreath of the god's laurel, on account of the piety and the honourable conduct which they have continually shown towards the god and the city.

[B]   [The Delphians have granted to Kydippos of Athens], the son of Kydippos, from the [Aiantis tribe] and the deme of Oinoē, [both for himself] and for his descendants, proxeny, priority in access to the oracle, [privileged seating], priority in receiving justice, inviolability, freedom from all [taxes], and the other rights which are granted to other proxenoi and benefactors. When Eudoros [was archon] and the councillors were [Erasippos], Aristion and Nikarchos.

[C]   Gods.   When Kallieros was archon, it was resolved by the city of Delphi in full assembly with voting as prescribed by law: since the citizens of Tetrapolis have preserved their [goodwill] and the friendship which they have always held towards our city with great piety, and they have continually [honoured] the god, therefore it is resolved by the city that they shall [retain] their [privileged seating and other rights] for all time, [as has been inscribed] in the temple of Apollo; [and to honour] the state of [Tetrapolis].

inscription 542

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