Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 558


Greek text:   Magnesia_30   ( I.Magn. 36 )
Date:     c. 207/6 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Envoys from Magnesia visited many Greek cities in their campaign to promote the inviolability of their city. The envoys mentioned here - Sosikles, Aristodamos and Diotimos - were tasked with visiting cities on the coast of the Adriatic Sea; as well as this decree, they are mentioned in decrees of Apollonia, Epidamnos, Same and Corcya. For a list of the cities visited by envoys from Magnesia, along with a small map, see E.Stavrianopoulou, "Hellenistic World(s) and the Elusive Concept of ‘Greekness", pp.204-5 ( ).

When the damiourgoi were Arniskos son of . . ., Timanor son of . . . and Anaxilaos son of Kleomedes, [in assembly] at the Odysseion, with Aglaoteles acting as secretary; since the citizens of Magnesia on the Maiandros, being [friends] and allies of the city of Ithaka, have sent as envoys and messengers Sosikles son of Diokles, Aristodamos son of Diokles and Diotimos son of Menophilos, who presented their decree and described the epiphany of Artemis and the benefits bestowed by their ancestors on the Greeks and on the temple of Delphi, by means of the oracles and the poets and the fine and honourable decrees that were given to them; and they read out the oracular response, in which it is recorded, that it will turn out better and more profitably for those who revere Artemis Leukophryene and recognise the city and its territory as sacred and inviolable; therefore it is resolved by the assembly to praise the people of Magnesia on account of their piety towards the gods and their noble conduct towards the Greeks, and to invite the people of Magnesia to privileged seating at the Odysseian games; and to recognise their city and territory as sacred and inviolable, being dedicated by Apollo of Delphi; and to accept the festival and the games, which they hold in honour of Artemis Leukophryene, with a prize of crowns equivalent to the Pythian games; and to offer fifteen drachmae as first fruits to the goddess, and to sacrifice a sheep at the public hearth; and to invite them to a meal at the public hearth; and to appoint a theorodokos to welcome the sacred embassies that arrive here from the Magnesians (Igertas son of Praÿlos was appointed); and to honour Sosikles the sacred ambassador and Aristodamos and Diotimos, the other ambassadors, on account of their honourable conduct on behalf of their homeland and their willingness to visit us; and to recognise them as proxenoi and benefactors of the city of Ithaka; and the city grants them all the privileges , which are granted to other proxenoi and benefactors; and this decree shall be inscribed on two steles, one of them to be placed in the Odysseion and the other in the temple of Athena; the epidamiorgos Sotion shall be responsible for the inscription.

inscription 559

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