Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 570


Greek text:   Lindos_2.p1007   ( IG 12.1.1033 )
Date:     155-153 B.C.
Tags:     walls+fortifications
Format:   see key to translations

Since part A was discovered, most scholars have accepted that this inscription belongs to the time of the Second Cretan War; for a summary of what is known about this obscure war, see R.M.Berthold, "Rhodes in the Hellenistic Age", pp.223-4 ( Google Books ).   The decree was issued by Potidaion, which was probably the harbour of the city of Karpathos.

[A]   When Pythodoros was priest, in the month of Panamos . . . [it was resolved] by the township {ktoina} [of Potidaion], as recommended by the hierothytai: [since Pamphilidas] of Karpathiopolis, the son of Hieron, has continually shown goodwill [in previous] times [by saying and] doing [everything] that is advantageous [to the township] of Potidaion; and when he was appointed by [the township to be commander {epistatas}] for two years, he took care of [our] fortifications [and the] fort, [showing every] zeal and endurance; [and in the] crises [that occurred] 10 and on [all] other [occasions] he behaved [honourably; and when war] broke out between the whole [people {of Rhodes} and] the Cretans, and the [enemy sailed] against the island, he placed [guards] in the most suitable [places and assigned] to them all those [who were less than sixty years old], and [contributed] the weapons that he possessed; [and, together with those of the citizens] who were most capable [and the] foreign mercenaries whom he had [collected], he engaged in [a violent battle against the enemy] . . . [in which] 20 he not only [fought] gloriously [himself, but also]
[B]   he made those under [his] command stout-hearted, [with the] result that the enemy desisted from their [attack and went away without achieving anything], but we escaped from danger and along with our children and wives came to safety; and he protected the fort for the people; and in all his commands he conducted himself honourably in line with the authority he was given; and he continually devoted himself 30 to provide every kind of assistance to any of our citizens and our neighbours that he met; therefore, so that the township of Potidaion may be seen to show gratitude and to reward those men who are worthy and who provide assistance in times of need, it is resolved by the township to praise Pamphilidas of Karpathiopolis, the son of Hieron, and to crown him with a golden crown of ten gold piece, on account of his virtue and the goodwill which he has continually shown towards the township of Potidaion; and to invite him to hospitality 40 in the hall of the hierothytai; and to purchase two steles of Lartian marble, on which this decree shall be inscribed; and they shall be set up, one in the temple of Poseidon at Porthmos, and the other in the temple of Lindian Athena at Potidaion and the treasurer shall provide money for the cost of the crown and the steles; and a man shall be appointed, to request the approval of the whole people of Rhodes for the crown 50 and for setting up the steles.

Themistolas of Karpathiopolis, the son of Telesandros, was appointed.

inscription 571

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