Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 657


Greek text:   IDelos_2589
Date:     155/4 B.C.
Tags:     gymnasiarchs ,   lists
Format:   see key to translations

The Romans allowed the Athenians to take control of Delos in 167/6 B.C., and this list records all the annual gymnasiarchs (with their Attic demes ) from that date until 112/1 B.C. Phokion, who first created the list, was gymnasiarch in 155/4 B.C., and the names of subsequent gymnasiarchs were added regularly from then onwards. The dates are indicated in green, based on the assumption that Aristomenes, the first name in the list, held office for part of the year 167/6 B.C.

Phokion of Melite, the son of Aristokrates, ex-gymnasiarch, inscribed a list of those who have held the office of gymnasiarch since the people regained control of the island through the Romans.

{ Some more names have been added on either side of the stone. }

inscription 658

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