Ancient Egyptian Texts:  4.10


Date:   c. 300 B.C.
Language:   Hieroglyphic
Translated by:   D. Klotz
Format:   see key to translations

  These statues of Nesmin, a priest at Karnak/Luxor, were probably dedicated by his parents after his premature death.  The translation is taken from D. Klotz, "The Sorrows of Young Nesmin: The Early Demise of a Theban Priest" ( , with photographs of the statues ).

[A]   Baltimore    ( Walters Art Museum 22.183   [ TM 48499 ] )

{ Front face }    A royal offering of Amun-Re, Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands, Foremost of Karnak, Primeval of the Two Lands, Sacred of Arm, Kamutef, King of the Gods, and Osiris good light who shines in Thebes, great moon, Ruler of the living stars, offerings and provisions reverted from his altar, cool water brought from his offering stand, all good, pure, and sweet things, all offerings, all plants, that come from his daily altar, after the god enjoys them, for the ka of the Osiris of the God's Father, Priest of Amun in Karnak, Priest of Sobek, Bull of the Lake within the Isheru, Nesmin, justified; son of the God?s Father, Priest of Amun in Karnak, Senior wab-priest of Amun, purifier of Amun,  who enters to the secrets of the Great Palace, of Amun-Re Primeval of the Two Lands, and the Ennead of the First Primeval Time, Kapefhachonsu, healthy, born of the Lady of the House, singer of Amun-Re, Nesharpre, healthy.

{ Left Side }    The God's Father, Nesmin, justified, he says:  "O great prince in Thebes, august god, hidden within Abydos, beneficent god, who protects the weak, turn your face to me!  I was one who acted properly, but a calamity came and seized me as a youth, without a son to take my place! A topsy-turvy state has come to pass in that which you decreed, to wit: a distinguished man was taken away together with his son! In return for this, you shall effectuate for me, o Ruler of the Living, Chief of Igeret: that I might go forth behind you, and come back down in your following, being one of your crew; that the followers might elevate me, in order to see the great god; that the haulers might haul me to the sacred place; that I might enter your shrine, without my legs being repelled; that I might come forth before your Majesty, without being pushed away, and that I might perform transformations, as my heart desires."

{ Right Side }    The Osiris of the God's Father, Nesmin, justified, he says: "O Sokar-Osiris, great god within the Shetayet, mysterious of forms within Karnak, whose ba is in heaven, whose image is on earth, whose corpse the necropolis holds, cities and nomes are equipped with his mysterious form, and temples bear his images. Beneficent god, compassionate one, good replacement for one who has nobody who might replace him: For me, my father took the place of my son, the God?s Father, Kapefhachonsu, mummifying my corpse, erecting my statue, as a son should do for his parent. Your reward for him, o Sokar-Osiris, is that he might enjoy a long lifetime in Victorious Thebes; that he might complete his terrestrial life, entering your domain, and serving each month in your temple; and a good burial in the desert of Thebes, never dying a second death."

{ Back pillar }    The God's Father, Nesmin, justified, he says: "O priests of the Chief of the Gods, God's Fathers of Primeval of the Two Lands, associates of Sokar[-Osiris], pure Ihy priests of Wennefer, justified. May his face live for you, namely the light in Thebes, and may he hear your prayers, as you say: May your ba live in heaven before Re, may your ka be divine among the gods, may your corpse dwell in the Duat, before Osiris."

[B]   Linköping   ( Östergötlands Museum 102 )

{ Front }    O Tatenen, foremost of the Southern District, great begetter, foremost of his Opet, may you let my statue stay within your Opet, until the limits of eternity. O Osiris-Wennefer justified, good youth within the Opet, in whom the good light first began, may you render my ba divine in the necropolis, while my statue remains in the Duat, just as your ba unites with Re. For I am your servant, a son of your house, since my ancestors until today: my father serves you as a Great Purifier, my mother increases your beauties. That I completed my short lifetime -  was never being an outsider to your temple, which I loved most of all places.

{ Left side }    A royal offering of Amenope the Saviour, great god within the Opet, who protects Her Majesty from the rebels of Re, who makes a slaughter among her enemies, who shines as a youth, sound and healthy, whom all faces rejoice to behold. May he let flourish the name of the God's Father, Priest of Amun in Karnak, Priest of Sobek within the Isheru, Nesmin, justified; son of the God?s Father, Chief of Secrets, Great God's Purifier in Thebes, Kapefhachonsu, within the Opet, his favourite place on earth; love of him being in the heart of everybody, commemorating his ka well; hearing the hymns of the wab-priests who recite hymns; breathing incense offered upon the altar, being offered every day, thrice daily; his statue remaining in this place, just as this temple remains bearing your image.

{ Right Side }    A royal offering of Amenope of Djeme, great god, living of Re, that means the replica of Harsiese, who leaves offerings for the Great ba of Egypt. May he grant offerings, food, incense, linen, which come from his offering stand, brought from upon his altar, a voice-offering of bread, beer, all good things, for the ka of the God?s Father, Priest of Amun in Karnak, Priest in his month of Mut, Nesmin, justified, son of the God's Father, Chief of Secrets, God?s Purifier, Kapefhachonsu, in the diurnal course of each day; mortuary offerings every ten days,  when he arrives at the Mound of Djeme, to give offerings to the blessed dead; may his bas awake with the Excellent ba, from the living breath of the August ba, when he crosses the river to Western Thebes, on the good day of the Valley Festival.

{ Back pillar }    May this statue of the God's Father, Priest of Amun in Karnak, Priest of Sobek within the Isheru, Nesmin, justified, son of the God's Father, Kapefhachonsu, remain in the Opet, the Mistress of Cities, enduring without fail forever. May it remain like the sky, may it endure like the earth, never perishing, like Re, rising and setting eternally.

[C]   Cairo   ( Egyptian Museum JE 38025 )

{ Front }    The God's Father and Priest of Amun in Karnak, Priest in his month of Mut, Nesmin, son of the God?s Father, Chief of Secrets, God's Purifier, Kapefhachonsu, born of the singer of Amun-Re, Nesharpre. May the Ogdoad protect his body, eternally! 

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