Egyptian Texts:  4.16


Text:   Cairo CG  22050   [ TM 44174 ]
Provenance:   Apollonopolis Magna   ( Edfu )
Date:   103-101 B.C.
Language:   Hieroglyphic
Translated by:   M. Rihan
Format:   see key to translations

Pasas belonged to a prominent Egyptian/Greek family in Edfu; see AET_5.8. His Greek name was Apollonios. Like his mother, he was commemorated with two epitaphs, one in hieroglyphs and one in Greek verse ( THI_191.A ).

The hieroglyphic epitaph stresses the role of Pasas as an Egyptian priest, and makes no mention of his death abroad. This translation is taken from M. Rihan, "Two stelae from the Egyptian Museum, CG: 22018, 22050" ( PDF ).  

An offering that the king gives and Osiris the foremost of the westerners, to the ennead in front of Sḫn-rḫyt {El-Hassaia necropolis}, to the Westerners and to the Easterners who are in the necropolis, may you lift up the child to the creator of his body, may those who carry their masters hide the secret form of the lord of linen through the portal of the west, may those mourners upon Re lift up the ba of the beneficent to heaven, 5 may you make satisfying the ba of Osiris, the great commander of the army {= the general}, the strong one, the unique courtier, the overseer of the horses {cavalry}, the strong in the battle, the first deputy of his majesty who made his plans in the south, the priest of the third phyle, the priest of the second phyle, and the priest of Osiris, the priest of Amon, the priest of Harsomtous son of Hathor, the priest of Min, the priest of Horus of Behdet, the great god, lord of the sky, lord of Edfu, the royal brother Pa-shu the justified, son of the same-titled Pa-menkh son of the same-titled Pa-shu 10 the justified before Osiris, his mother's name is Hathor-iy-ti the justified forever.

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