Ancient Egyptian Texts:  6.20


Text:   P. Oxf. Griffith 1 38-41
Provenance:   Soknopaiou Nesos
Script:   Demotic
Translated by:   E. Bresciani
Format:   see key to translations

These four documents were translated into Italian by E. Bresciani, "L' Archivio demotico del tempio di Soknopaiu Nesos" (1975).   In format, they are very similar to 'petitions', but most of them do not contain any explicit request; see G. Baetens, "Demotic Petitioning", p. 43 ( ). 

[A]   P. Oxf. Griffith 1 38   [ TM 48879 ]    {October 159 B.C.}

A report from Tesenouphis son of Marres to Tesenouphis son of Onnophris, the lesonis of Soknopaios and Isis Nepherses, which is made in year 23, on the 10th day of Thoth. I was in the temple and I had warned Thotmenis son of Sochotes 5 to confess that he had taken certain things of mine. He rushed on me, striking blows that were numerous; there were many people who were witnesses. I present this report to you 10 for the investigation of the aforementioned things, and I will take you to the place where the prophet of Bastet can be found.

Written in year 23, the 10th day of Thoth.

Witnesses: Phanesis son of Samoys together with Artonis son of Harsiesis, 15 Herieus son of . . ., Nektenibis son of Teret (?), Petesouchos son of Petosiris.

[B]   P. Oxf. Griffith 1 39   [ TM 48545 ]    {June 156 B.C.}

A report to Marres, the Prophet of Bastet, the agent of the King, temple inspector of the Temple of Sobek and the sanctuaries of the Arsinoite nome, by Tesenouphis son of Marres, Marrepathis son of Sisouchos, Patkys son of Onnophris, Phatres son of Thotmenis, and Har-aou the elder son of Harpagathes, to inform the Prophet of Bastet about 5 the truth of what was done by Tesenouphis son of Onnophris, the lesonis, previously, when it happened that you went out on the 11th day of Phamenoth. We will report on the situation. The order to go to the Temple of Sobek which the aforementioned man received from the Prophet of Bastet, he did not pass on to the priests. He expressed the situation by saying: "You can't take possession of anything at all 10 in the sanctuary, until you have satisfied my heart". We went out on the 28th day of Pharmuthi and found that the priests had not come to the place where you were because of the aforementioned man, who had not permitted them. We protested to the priests saying: "Who will get the blame for this?" When the 1st day of Pachons came, the priests gathered at the temple of Sobek; we talked 15 about the situation, that we would go to the place where you were there, but he did not grant us anything at all, until he had received 450 deben of silver, and a further 39 deben of silver taken from the priests' fees for sprinkling, and likewise 9 deben of silver that the priests had also taken to the temple of Sobek, on the aforementioned day, for their expenses. He took them all equally, in total 500 deben of silver. Similarly on the 2nd day of Pachons he came to the village, where there were 200 deben of silver. 20 He took them from the priests' fees for sprinkling. We present this report to you so that nothing in the world remains hidden from the Prophet of Bastet. May Sobek the Great God raise the Prophet of Bastet in the favour of the sovereigns, for eternity, since he acts according to both divine and human law.

Written in year 25, the 6th day of Pachons.

[C]   P. Oxf. Griffith 1 40   [ TM 48880 ]    {March 147 or 136 B.C.}

A report to Herieus, the lesonis, to Petesouchos son of Herieus, the tax collector, and to the priests of Soknopaios, of Isis Nepherses and Isis Nephremmis, to all of them, from Senatymis daughter of Phanesis. In year 31, on the 9th day of Tybi, I was taking my turn in keeping watch at the 5 shrine on the hill together with Harpaesis son of Pelebi, with Sochotes son of Haryotes and with Marres son of Marres, who were serving at the shrine of Isis Nephremmis. We collected the money that was there, up to the amount of 3 talents and 150 silver deben. We put the money in a basket and gave it to Marres son of Marres 10 and we made him take it to the underground vault, where no one could enter, except the aforementioned man. On the 20th day of Tybi, we collected the money that was there, we made Marres take out the basket, and we put in 150 deben of silver, to make a total of 4 talents; and there remained 70 deben of silver outside the basket, 15 because it could not take them. We gave the basket to Marres son of Marres, and he took it back to the underground vault; and we also gave him the 70 deben of silver. Later, on the 12th day of Mecheir, we made him take the basket out; you can imagine our feeling, when we found that a total of 272 deben of silver was missing. I do beg, if it please 20 the notable men, that they bring the aforementioned man into their presence, so that they can interrogate them about the aforementioned money, and equally his brother Kollouthes: on the 9th day of Mecheir, he went to the shore, he waited for a long time, and then he entered the shrine, when he had nothing to do in the aforementioned place. 25 You should question him also about the money, or bring both the aforementioned men to where the Prophet of Bastet is.

Written in year 34, 17th day of Mecheir.

[D]   P. Oxf. Griffith 1 41   [ TM 48881 ]     {December 131 B.C.}

A report from the priests who enter into the presence of Soknopaios the great god, of the 4th phyle, to all the priests and to Petesouchos son of Herieus, the lesonis. It was on the 19th day of Phaophi, the vigil; we went to the temple to do 5 the sprinkling, for our month of sprinkling. Paous son of Anch-na-perou has pledged here, for the job of washerman in Nilupolis. We reminded the aforementioned Paous 10 about the oil for lighting and the wine for the offering, but he has not given us either oil or wine from the day of the vigil until today. We have arranged for this report to be submitted 15 so as not to leave reproach upon ourselves, and equally so that you may protect the aforementioned work, by not permitting the offering and the lighting to cease.

Written in year 40, the 1st day of Choiak.

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