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  Acheron   - a river in Epirus, supposed to be a river of the underworld
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_3.1   us, is being led up from Acheron by her son Dionysus, the
AnthPal_3.8   sweet mother, on the shore of Acheron. [9] Pelias and Nel
AnthPal_7.12   the wide lake of the dead to Acheron. But the beautiful
AnthPal_7.181   you go to the dark house of Acheron, leaving your mothe
AnthPal_7.203   last journey to the house of Acheron. [207] Meleager &ra
AnthPal_7.391   ongs to the stars, not to me ; Acheron has no room for so
AnthPal_7.420   ust lie dumb and unheard ; for Acheron knows no troops of
AnthPal_7.482   coffin. In unknown Acheron, Cleodicus, shall you bloom in
Antiphil_7.399   one boat to the house of Acheron, and hateful Ares lives
AntipSid_7.30   ves, and in the house of Acheron you suffer all through
Anyte_7.486   ssed across the pale stream of Acheron. [7.490] & { G-P
Archias_7.68   over this deep water of Acheron, though your boat be heav
Asclepiad_5.85   of the living, but in Acheron, dear virgin, we shall
Bianor_7.396   des subdued them, and by Acheron they still fight ; even
Callim:Hec_278   for transport across the river Acheron. "In Aegialus there
Cic:Tusc_1.10   and the passage over Acheron, and Tantalus expiring with
Cic:Tusc_1.37   Of Acheron, vain phantoms of the dead.
Cic:Tusc_1.48   The hallowed roofs of Acheron, the dread
Just_12.2   Pandosia and the river Acheron;" and as both these were
LeonTar_7.67   dark boat this water of Acheron, receive me, Diogenes the
LeonTar_7.648   he was taking ship for Acheron, resting his doomed head
LeonTar_7.726   well set eyes on the lake of Acheron. [7.731] & { G-P
MArgent_7.384   etch the dark water from Acheron ; for I too {like the dau
Meleager_5.204   still alive across the lake of Acheron on this old coffin-
Meleager_7.476   eath, paying a vain tribute to Acheron. Alas ! Alas ! Wher
Mnasalcas_7.488   ia, you are gone to deep Acheron, gone to rest before your
Nepos_10.10   would have redeemed him from Acheron, had it been possible, at
Nicand:Al_10   the mouth, which the banks of Acheron put forth. There
Ovid:Cons_445   wful) the misty shore of Acheron, would with brave mouth
Plin:HN_4.4   it discharges the river Acheron flowing from the Acherusian
SelPap_3.117   went such a man to Acheron : for holy men, Elysium
Simonid_7.25   of Love. Alone in Acheron he grieves not that he has left
Theodorid_7.732   So all-subduing Acheron, finding you a just debtor, sha

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