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  Actium   - promontory in Acarnania, Greece, site of Octavianus' victory over M.Antonius
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  + Actian
216/14b I_124, a decree of the Acarnanians concerning a festival at Actium.
31/6 avianus occupies a position near Actium; and Agrippa seizes Corcyra.
31/23 ctavianus decisively defeats Antonius in a naval battle near Actium.
31/24 Augustus as sole ruler can be counted from his victory at Actium.
30/3 Octavianus constructs monuments to Apollo and Neptune at Actium.
30/4 Octavianus founds the city of Nicopolis, near Actium.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_11.8   orshippers style him Apollo of Actium. Now when the festiv
Cassiod:Chr_723   nius was defeated by Caesar at Actium. [724] & C. Caesar
CIL_11.623   Citerior for the war of Actium, IIIIvir for applying
ElegMaec_1.51   The very god of Actium {Apollo} smote the lyre with ivo
Euseb]:Chron_169   Egypt in the battle of Actium, and succeeded Cleopatra
Hieron:Chron_1981   our years before the battle of Actium. 186.2 . [1982] M.Va
Hieron:Chron_1986   shipwreck after the battle of Actium. [1989 in Ar.] Some
Hieron:Chron_1988   copolis was founded near Actium, and the Actian Games were
Joseph:AJ_15.121   the battle happened at Actium, between Octavius Caesar and
Joseph:AJ_15.190   him upon his defeat at Actium ; [191] nor upon the
Joseph:BJ_1.364   Now when the war about Actium was begun, Herodes prepare
Joseph:BJ_1.370   .C.}, when the war about Actium was at the height, at the
Joseph:BJ_1.386   was already overcome at Actium by Caesar; yet he was more
Joseph:BJ_1.388   that was given him at Actium; but I gave him the best
Joseph:BJ_1.398   after the first games at Actium, he added to his kingdom
Julian:Caes_326   Egypt in a sea-fight off Actium; I defeated Brutus and Cas
OGIS_456.A   (c. 20) and . . . and Aktion and Brundisium and Tarraco and
Oros_6.19   He himself set out for Actium, where he had stationed his
Philip_6.236   relics of the fight at Actium, shelter, like a hive, the
Philip_6.251   ing us with it to the shore of Actium. [6.259] & { G-P 23
Philip_9.553   this reward for the victory of Actium. [9.561] & { G-P 55
Philip_16.52   Corinth, Elis, & Argos, and Actium. But if you enquire
Plin:HN_4.5   the colony founded by Augustus, Actium, with the famous temple of
SelPap_3.113   Master of Actium, sea-fighting lord, memorial of Caesar's
Syll_421   (272-260)   bronze plaques, at Aktion by the magistrates of the
Syll_669   (166-147)   est {hierapolos} of Aktian Apollo; and Kleandro
THI_11.A   (c. 20) at the great Caesarean Aktian games, 10 in the men's
THI_124   (c. 216)   , with the temple of Aktian Apollo being a common s
ValMax_1.7.7   had lost the battle of Actium, Cassius Parmensis, who had taken

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