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  Aemilia 2   - daughter of L.Paullus, and wife of Scipio Africanus; died 162 B.C.
162/12 The death of Aemilia, mother of Scipio Aemilianus.
ValMax_6.7.1   of women in marriage . Aemilia, the wife of the elder

  Aemilia 5   - a Vestal virgin, put to death in 114 B.C.
114/19 The Vestal virgin Aemilia is found guilty of breaking her vow of chas

  Aemilia 6   - an unidentified Roman lady of the second century B.C.
164/15 Roman lady called (?) Aemilia wakes up during her own funeral.
    Within translations:
GranLic_7 hat a noble woman called Aemilia, who was placed on a pyre

  Aemilia 7   - wife of Cn.Pompeius; died in 81 B.C.
82/42 Sulla persuades Pompeius to divorce Antistia and marry Aemilia.
81/43 Aemilia, the wife of Pompeius, dies in childbirth.

  Aemilia 8   (Via Aemilia) - a Roman road in Cisalpine Gaul
Wikipedia entry
187/16 two roads in Cisalpine Gaul, the Via Flaminia and the Via Aemilia.
187/17 CIL_617 and 618, two milestones from the Via Aemilia near Bononia.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.1903 estones of the Via Aemilia set up in the consulship of

  Aemilia   - in documents
CIL_1.1020 bones. CIL_1 .1020 Latin Text Aemilia's. 3rd Fe. C
CIL_1.1618 Aemilius, freedman of Aemilia Cnaeus Atanius, so
CIL_add.2 (c. 45)   a, Camerina, Tituria, Aemilia, Antonia, Hortensia,

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