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  Aenianians   - a tribe living in southern Thessaly, by the river Spercheus
  + Aenianes , Aenianian , Aenians
268/2 The Aetolians annex the Aenianians and Doris.
    Within translations:
Cic:Rep_2.8   outside the Peloponnese the Aenianes, the inhabitants of Doris,
Just_24.7   captains of the Aenianians and Thessalians, who had joine
Philoch_56   ives of the Thessalians, Aenianians, Aetolians, Dolopians,
Phlegon:Mir_9   around the land of the Aenians as you return from your
Syll_399   (278/7)   ias, son of Hestiaios Ainianes : Moschion son of Si
Syll_405   (277)   tians: Neon, Nikokles Ainianes: Timokrates, Eupeith
Syll_416   (273)   : Nikokles, Nikopolis Ainianes: Euxenos, Aristoph
Syll_636   (178)   gros son of Datyiades Ainianes: Lochagos of Kallipo
Syll_653   (c. 165)   wn the league of the Ainianes, with a golden crown
Syll_704.E   (c. 117) [ Ainianes :] Moschion son of Sittyras
Syll_743   (88-80) e league of the Ainianes honours [Lucius] Licinius Lucullus, [so
THI_67   (c. 208)   Thrasymachos the Aenianian, the son of Aristion

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