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  Aetolia   - a region in central Greece
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  + Aetolian , Aetolians
322/2a Leosthenes allows the Aetolians in his army to return home.
321/1 Antipater attacks the Aetolians, who take refuge in their mountains.
321/20 Antipater withdraws from Aetolia, in order to attack Perdiccas.
320/11 The Aetolians invade Thessaly, but are forced out by Polyperchon.
316/22 The Athenian exiles ask for assistance from the Aetolians.
316/30 Polyperchon escapes to Aetolia.
314/13 The Aetolians besiege Agrinium, and massacre the Acarnanians after
305/15 eats the army of Cassander at Elateia, with help from the Aetolians.
304/10 to end the siege of Rhodes, through the mediation of the Aetolians.
301/3 Polycritus, a leader of the Aetolians, is reported to have appeared
291/5a Syll_366, an alliance between the Boeotians and the Aetolians.
289/4a SEG_48.588, a treaty between Demetrius and the Aetolians.
288/10b Syll_369, a statue of Pyrrhus at Callipolis in Aetolia.
281/20a king of Sparta, leads a raid against the Aetolians, but is defeated.
280/23 Heracleia-ad-Oetam joins the Aetolian League.
279/38 band of Gauls sacks Callion, a town in Aetolia.
279/41 The Aetolians complete the rout of the Gauls, and Brennus the king
276/5 Alexander of Aetolia and Lycophron sort out the tragedies and the com
276/9 tus of Soli and Alexander of Aetolia to Macedonia, at the time of his
270/9 The foundation of the town of Arsinoe (formerly Conopa) in Aetolia.
270/15b a statue of Neoptolemus of Aetolia, erected by the city of Eretria.
268/2 The Aetolians annex the Aenianians and Doris.
267/3a a statue of Neoptolemus of Aetolia, erected by the city of Eretria.
265/29 Syll_421, a treaty between Acarnania and the Aetolian League.
263/6a _483 & 484, a decree of the Aetolians, forbidding the extradition
255/25 General remarks on the career of the poet Alexander the Aetolian.
246/30a Syll_443, a decree of Chios in honour of the Aetolians.
245/18 The Aetolians inflict a severe defeat on the Boeotians at Chaeronea.
245/18b The Aetolians and Alexander of Epirus agree to a partition of Acarnan
243/6 Antigonus forms an alliance with the Aetolian League (? and Epirus).
242/5a Antigonus forms an alliance with the Aetolian League.
242/5b Polycritus, a leader of the Aetolians, is reported to have appeared
241/17 Aratus fails to prevent the Aetolians from crossing the Isthmus.
241/18 The Aetolians capture Pellene, but are expelled by Aratus.
240/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Eraton of Aetolia
240/7 Peace between the Aetolians and Achaeans.
240/35 The Aetolians devastate Laconia, and take away 50,000 captives.
239/4c Syll_480, an Aetolian decree concerning the rights of foreigners
238/2a monument dedicated by the Aetolians to the Ptolemaic royal family.
238/7 The Aetolian and Achaean leagues form an alliance against Macedonia.
238/8 The Aetolians reject a Roman embassy sent on behalf of Acarnania.
236/6a Syll_507, a decree of the Aetolians granting privileges to the Diony
234/8 Demetrius invades Boeotia, and detaches it from Aetolia.
232/4 move to a new site, as a result of Demetrius' attacks on Aetolia.
231/9 Illyria, sends a force which defeats the Aetolians near Medion.
229/15 The Aetolians invade western Thessaly.
228/11 Antigonus drives the Aetolians out of Thessaly.
225/16 Nicostratus, an Aetolian, breaks the solemn truce at the Pamboeotian
221/27 ephors fine Dorimachus the Aetolian for encouraging brigands to att
220/5 Aetolian acts of aggression in Epirus, Acarnania, and the Peloponnese
220/6 a fort near Megalopolis which had been occupied by the Aetolians.
220/7 The Aetolians invade Messenia.
220/9 plots against Theodotus of Aetolia, the Egyptian general in Syria.
220/10 The Achaean assembly declares war on the Aetolians.
220/21 The Aetolians defeat Aratus and the Achaeans at Caphyae.
220/28 The Aetolians capture Cynaetha.
220/29 The Aetolian army leaves the Peloponnese.
220/36 rinth and declare war on the Aetolians; the start of the Social War,
220/37 Scopas is elected general of the Aetolian League.
220/42 allies visit various states, seeking support against the Aetolians.
219/23 Aetolian raids on Aegeira and Dyme.
219/25 The Aetolians sack Dium.
219/32 Philippus invades Aetolia.
219/34 chus, the new general of the Aetolian League, leads a raid on Dodona.
218/40 Philippus sacks Thermus, an Aetolian city.
218/50 Lycurgus leaves Sparta for Aetolia, out of fear of the ephors.
217/3 neral Eperatus allows Pyrrhias to lead an Aetolian raid into Achaea.
217/15 Lycus of Pharae defeats the Aetolians near Leontion.
217/23 The Eleans and Aetolians make raids into their opponents' territory.
217/39 eed at Naupactus between the Aetolians and Philippus and his allies;
217/40 Agelaus becomes general of the Aetolian League.
213/18a Syll_546, a decision of Aetolian arbitrators concerning the territor
211/10 The Aetolians enter into an alliance with the Romans, along with Atta
211/17 abortive attack by the Aetolians on Acarnania.
210/1a The Aetolians capture Aegina and sell it to Attalus for thirty talent
210/14 partans become allies of the Aetolians, after listening to speeches
207/5 the sanctuary at Thermus in Aetolia, and then attends the council
206/12 The Aetolians make peace with Philippus.
205/10a Syll_554, a decree of the Aetolian League recognising the inviolabili
204/19b ees of Delphi in honour of two Aetolians, Pantaleon and Aristarchus.
204/23 The revolutionary laws of Dorimachus and Scopas in Aetolia.
203/12 decrees of Delphi and the Aetolian League, recognising Teos as inv
202/14 embassy from the Aetolians attempts to gain Roman support against
200/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Pyrrhias of Aetolia.
199/1 The assembly of the Aetolian League decides to remain neutral in the
199/15 The Aetolians invade Thessaly.
198/2 refuses to accept a gift of silver plate from some Aetolian envoys.
197/26 Scopas the Aetolian is put to death after being accused of treason
194/16a crees of the Amphictyons and Aetolians in honour of Sosicles of Magne
193/16 The Aetolians stir up anti-Roman feelings in Greece.
192/6 The assembly of the Aetolian League invites Antiochus to "liberate"
192/10 The Aetolians capture Demetrias.
192/12 Nabis is assassinated by a detachment of Aetolians.
192/13 The Aetolians are repulsed at Chalcis.
192/16 The Aetolians appoint Antiochus as their general against the Romans.
191/15 The Aetolians reject peace terms.
191/22 The Aetolians agree to a truce.
191/31 the senate refuses to agree peace terms with an Aetolian embassy.
190/6 truce is agreed between the Romans and the Aetolians.
190/18 Acilius celebrates a triumph over Antiochus and the Aetolians.
189/15 Peace terms are agreed between the Romans and the Aetolians.
189/23 The senate ratifies the peace with the Aetolians.
187/14 The triumph of M.Fulvius, over the Aetolians and Cephallenia.
187/15 16, two dedications made by M.Fulvius out of the booty from Aetolia.
182/11a Syll_628 & 629, a decree of the Aetolians honouring Eumenes.
182/11b Syll_632, a decree of the Aetolians honouring Prousias.
174/7 The Romans mediate in civil wars in Aetolia and Crete.
173/3 nvestigates social unrest in Aetolia and Thessaly, and M.Marcellus
165/6a Inscr_24.E, the manumission of an Aetolian slave woman at Delphi.
163/11 Lacedaemonians and Argives, and between the Achaeans and Aetolians.
159/8 Civil strife in Aetolia ends with the death of Lyciscus.

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