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  Agathon   - Athenian tragedian, younger contemporary of Euripides
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Athen_5.211   ven chins. For, as Agathon says & If I do tell the truth
Athen_5.216   as, indeed, the lover of Agathon the poet, when speaking
Athen_5.217   honour of the victory of Agathon, at which banquet Pausani
Athen_10.445   questions (as the excellent Agathon says)- & .... and
Athen_12.528   ilon;ς. And Agathon in his Thyestes says, that "the
Athen_13.584   rlot." For, according to Agathon, & It does not follow,
Athen_15.701   as that, like the good Agathon, I may quote this line
Plut:Mor_177   banquet embraced fair Agathon and kissed him, although

  Agathon 2   - a friend of Chrysippus, 3rd century B.C.
DiogLaert_7.194 Reasonings; an essay to Agathon, called also an essay on

  Agathon   - in documents
AnthPal_5.78 on my lips as I was kissing Agathōn. Poor soul !
AnthPal_7.226 his whole city acclaimed Agathon, the doughty warrior, as
CIL_1.688 side}: Marcus Blossius Agathon, freedman of Marcus M
DionHal:Din_5 obstructive plea in behalf of Agathon. And indeed of the
DionHal:Din_12 entlemen." 75. For Agathon, a supporting speech: ''Just
SelPap_1.10 elia Isarion daughter of Agathon, of the said city,
Syll_320 (314/3)   edonian, the son of Agathon, because he has given
Syll_322 esitheos Asandros son of Agathon [B] These presided
Syll_331 (after 306)   Zeuxis Timon son of Agathon Since the inhabitant
Syll_378 (c. 287)   Megara, the son of Agathon, both to himself and to
Syll_444 (c. 247-240)   phians: Nikomachos, Agathon Boeotians: Tharsias,
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   iuml;los of Thessaly Agathon of Lykia Xenophilos of
Syll_494 (260/59)   Aetolia. Since Agathon, the architect of the tem
Syll_585 (197-175)   f of his year were Agathon, Xenostratos and Kleo
Syll_653 (c. 165)   and Athambos son of [Agathon, and the secretary
THI_127 (c. 210)   sikles hieromnemon : Agathon son of Telenikos super
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   Kallias, Athambos son of Agathon and Tyrbaios. [B]
THI_64 (263-236)         Agathon of Larisa in Thessaly
THI_74 (280-240)   nes Timokrates son of Agathon Damon son of Mikkon K

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