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  Alcman   - a lyric poet who lived in Sparta in the 7th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_12.3 mer is a poet. And Alcman could not be censured for imitat
AnthPal_7.709 ines; but now my name is Alcman, and I am a citizen of Spa
AnthPal_9.184 and you nightingales of Alcman, singing ever of maidens
AnthPal_9.571 chorus and Ibycus shine, Alcman was sweet, and Bacchylides
AntipThes_7.18 { G-P 12 } & On Alcman Do not judge the man by the ston
Athen_2.39 ntimes I sit by Aprhodite. And Alcman saysó & Nectar they
Athen_3.81 And violets in purple posies. Alcman mentions them too.
Athen_13.600 ing to Chamaeleon - that Alcman was the original poet of
Athen_14.624 nding names, such as Sambas in Alcman, and Adon, and Telus
Athen_14.637 comparative disuse." [637] And Alcman says- & And put away
Athen_14.638 the ancient songs & Of Alcman, and Stesichorus, and Simo
Athen_14.646 275;s is a name given by Alcman to some cheesecakes, as
Athen_14.648 called poltos , which Alcman mentions in the following
LeonTar_7.19 7.19] & { G-P 57 } & On Alcman Alcman the graceful, the

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