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  Amphion   - son of Zeus and Antiope; brother of Zethus; husband of Niobe
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AnthPal_3.7 [7] The story of Zethus and Amphion. They are tying Dir
AnthPal_9.250 a gift that cost you, Amphion, no labour ; for with you
Athen_8.351 lled himself Zethus instead of Amphion. And once, when he
PsCallisth_1.46 place by the music of Amphion and by Zethos and to driv

  Amphion 2   - priest and companion of Seleucus I, king of Syria
Malal_* 199-202 * prayed with the priest Amphion for a sign to be given,
Malal_200 ite Iopolis. After Amphion, the high priest, had sacrifice

  Amphion   - in documents
CIL_1.2693 any of Salt-mine farmers Amphion, slave of the Associ
THI_127 (c. 210)   amodoros hipparch : Amphion son of Kaphisodoros &nb

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