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  Antinoopolis   - a city in Egypt
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  + Antinoe , Antinoite
SelPap_1.149 all well, as I heard at Antinoopolis that there has
SelPap_1.190 of director of games at Antinoe, 10 cakes of frankinc
SelPap_1.35 also called Hermes, of Antinoopolis, acting witho
SelPap_1.38 and the Callitecnean deme, in Antinoopolis. Harmiru
SelPap_1.53 also called Lurius, of Antinoe, and from Marcus Aure
SelPap_1.61 ius son of Colluthus, of Antinoopolis, have written
SelPap_1.87 ction, in the most illustrious Antinoopolis. [Fragme
SelPap_2.260 aius Apollinarius Niger, Antinoite, of the Osirantin
SelPap_2.288 enate of the citizens of Antinoe, Neo-Hellenes, from L
SelPap_2.290 Aquila and displayed at Antinoe in the temple of Anti
SelPap_2.292 the illustrious city of Antinoe, and however I am sty
SelPap_2.303 enate of the citizens of Antinoe, Neo-Hellenes, from M
SelPap_2.323 ronius son of Apollinarius, of Antinoe. I register in
SelPap_2.325 both of them citizens of Antinoe of the Sabinian tribe
SelPap_2.357 south colonnade of the Antinoite street ; and no pr
SelPap_2.364 emon, chief assistant at Antinoe, from Flavius Sarapa

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