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  Antiphanes   - a poet of the Middle Comedy, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
323/29 xander, by Agis, Anaxarchus, Antiphanes, Dioxippus, Philiscus and oth
    Within translations:
Athen_1.14 eck and shoulders. Antiphanes says: & Wretch that I am,
Athen_1.15 gymnastics. And Antiphanes says, & To play phaininda
Athen_1.18 inside a city. And Antiphanes points out their injurious
Athen_1.28 Lesbos prize. And Antiphanes- & There is good meat, and
Athen_2.38 speak truth. And Antiphanes writes— & There are only two
Athen_2.44 water dine. And Antiphanes says — & Take the hair, it
Athen_2.45 not require it. Antiphanes says - & A change of meat
Athen_3.98 rdly tell. For, as Antiphanes says, in his Cleophanes,—
Athen_3.100 in vinegar and sauce." Antiphanes, too, mentions this
Athen_4.142 affability. But Antiphanes, ridiculing the Lacedaemonia
Athen_4.175 ides tells us. And Antiphanes mentions the gingri flutes
Athen_* 06.237-240 * ytaneia. [33.] And Antiphanes, in his Twins, says- & [238]
Athen_6.243 not in want. And Antiphanes says in his Scythian - & Let
Athen_6.247 hire, but gratis. Antiphanes, in his Scythian, says- &
Athen_6.257 need of bad men." And Antiphanes the comic writer, in
Athen_6.258 wetness. [73.] And Antiphanes, in his Lemnian Women, lays
Athen_6.261 best of all. And Antiphanes speaks of what he calls a
Athen_6.262 the sacrifice. And Antiphanes, in his Dyspratus, says -
Athen_8.338 les remaining. And Antiphanes, in his Female Fisher, enume
Athen_10.441 reeks are who get drunk, Antiphanes tells us, in his Woman
Athen_10.445 to you for every word, Antiphanes, in his Lydian, has
Athen_11.494 i;, made of earthenware, Antiphanes proves plainly enough,
Athen_12.526 of his Laws. And Antiphanes, speaking generally of the
Athen_12.544 on his chest. And Antiphanes, in his Antaeus, speaking
Athen_12.552 be like the man of whom Antiphanes in his Aeolus says &
Athen_12.553 oint his feet. And Antiphanes, in his Alcestis, represents
Athen_13.555 tml#'+box">Go [1.] [555] Antiphanes the comic writer, my
Athen_13.559 for misery. And Antiphanes, in his Philopator, says-
Athen_13.565 ooth, who follow you, as Antiphanes, says:- & In the Lycei
Athen_13.567 was Metiche. As Antiphanes says in his Farmer:- & A cou
Athen_13.572 lesian maiden. And Antiphanes says in his Hydra - & But
Athen_13.586 an old woman. And Antiphanes mentions her in his Arcadian
Athen_14.618 panying the melody." And Antiphanes explains it very neatl
Athen_14.622 that delightful writer Antiphanes says, in his Friend
Athen_* 14.641-646 * as we find mentioned by Antiphanes in the Leptiniscus,
Athen_14.650 ;ιο&. Antiphanes also mentions the pomegranat
Athen_* 14.654-656 * so great at Rome, that Antiphanes the comic poet, in his
Athen_14.661 equally delicious. And Antiphanes, in his Slave hard to
Athen_14.662 ight into the fire. And Antiphanes, in his Philotis, disp
Athen_15.692 said, for they quoted Antiphanes, who, in his Farmers'
Plut:Mor_845 iculed by the comedians, Antiphanes and Timocles, who in

  Antiphanes 2   - author of a book about courtesans
Athen_13.567 dorus, and Ammonius, and Antiphanes, and also of Gorgias
Athen_13.586 and had large eyes." And Antiphanes, in his book on Courte
Athen_13.587 to wheedle Nannium? And Antiphanes, in his treatise On

  Antiphanes 3   of Macedonia - a Greek poet, first century B.C. or A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Philip_4.2 armenion like myrtle and Antiphanes like a rose ; Automedo

  Antiphanes   - in documents
OGIS_59 (163)   rophatidas Diogenes Antiphanes Megalles Demetrios
Syll_322 omedes Metrodoros son of Antiphanes Hippothon son of H
Syll_346 (302/1)   of Ilion, the son of Antiphanes, and Polyzelos of
Syll_388 (266/5)   of Kleoboulos and Antiphanes of Otryne the son of
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   e Chairion of Hybadai Antiphanes of Euonymon Hieron
Syll_633 (c. 180)   mas Menekrates son of Antiphanes Artemidoros son of
THI_98 (250-200)   os son of Aristokles Antiphanes son of Diophantos M

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