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  Apollonis   - wife of Attalus I of Pergamon; mother of Eumenes II and Attalus II
182/10 Attalus and his brothers visit Cyzicus with their mother Apollonis.
159/9 saying of Apollonis, rejoicing in the friendship between her four
159/10 OGIS_308, a decree of Hierapolis following the death of Apollonis.
159/10a OGIS_309, a decree of Teos in honour of Apollonis.
159/11 bed in a temple dedicated to Apollonis at Cyzicus by her children Eum
    Within translations:
RC_49   (182)   g Attalos and queen Apollonis, who is, like his a
Syll_629   (182)   their mother queen [Apollonis] and the people of
Syll_641   (c. 174)   of king Attalos and queen Apollonis, who is their
THI_116   (184)   o to his mother queen Apollonis and his brothers; a
THI_197   (c. 180-160) and their mother [ Queen Apollonis ]; and since those who

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