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  Ariminum   - a Roman colony on the coast of Umbria, Italy
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
268/13 The Romans found colonies at Ariminum and Beneventum, and the Sabines
236/3 Fighting breaks out at Ariminum between the Boii and their allies fro
217/9 Flaminius enters his consulship at Ariminum.
87/22 Cinna captures Ariminum and Placentia.
78/33 cock is reported to have spoken, at a farm near Ariminum.
51/19 Italy (including a visit to Ariminum), instead of going to his Spani
49/7 Caesar crosses the river Rubicon, and advances to Ariminum.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.40   Manlius Acidinus, consul at Ariminum. Small table
GranLic_20   rius routed Servilius at Ariminum; his killed a few of his
Hieron:Chron_1732   not in Ar.] The Romans founded Ariminum and Beneventum.
Obseq_43   milk, at Luna blood. At Ariminum a dog spoke. Celestial armies
Oros_4.13   seemed to be aflame. At Ariminum, late at night, a bright
Oros_6.15   6 He then left for Ariminum to join his legions, and,
ValMax_7.7.4   mother of the Trachali of Ariminum, being angry with her sons,

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