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  Artaxerxes   I Macrocheir - king of Persia, 464-423 B.C.
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Arrian:Fr_31   ced their family back to Artaxerxes the king of the Persia
AstrCan_2   rxes 21 283 486 B.C. (23 Dec.) Artaxerxes I 41 324 465 B.C
Euseb]:Chron_69   ius, for 20 years. Artaxerxes, who was called Longimanus
Euseb]:Chron_125   nus - for 6 months Artaxerxes "Macrocheir" - for 41 years
Euseb]:Chron_127   der Dareius. After Artaxerxes there were the following kin
Euseb]:Chron_149   son of Dareius, 21 years Artaxerxes, 40 years Xerxes II,
Just_3.1   little apprehension from Artaxerxes, who was but a boy,
Nepos_2.9   ** that it was to Artaxerxes ** that Themistocles came, and
Nepos_2.10   most welcome was, that if Artaxerxes would consent to follow his
Nepos_21.1   Xerxes and the two Artaxerxes, surnamed Macrochir, or 'Long-hand,'
Plut:Mor_173   go. ARTAXERXES. Artaxerxes, the son of Xerxes, surnamed

  Artaxerxes 2   II Mnemon - king of Persia, 404-359 B.C.
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AstrCan_2   II 19 343 424 B.C. (7 Dec.) Artaxerxes II 46 389 405
Euseb]:Chron_69   Hebrews. Dareius, for 7 years. Artaxerxes, for 40 years.
Euseb]:Chron_127   "Nothus" - for 19 years Artaxerxes "Mnemon" - for 40 year
Just_5.8   ring that he was gone to Artaxerxes king of Persia, they
Just_5.11   of Persia, leaving two sons, Artaxerxes and Cyrus. He
Just_6.1   pposed to two satraps of Artaxerxes, Phamabazus and Tissap
Just_6.6   of these proceedings, Artaxerxes, king of the Persians,
Just_10.1   OOK 10 [10.1] & & Artaxerxes, king of Persia, had a hundr
Just_10.2   been previously made, Artaxerxes had married Aspasia,
Lucian:Macr_15   eeble-minded. [15] Artaxerxes, called Mnemon, against whom
Memn_1   ears. At that time Artaxerxes was king of Persia, and afte
Nepos_7.9   planning to make war upon Artaxerxes with the help of the
Nepos_9.2   which they had concluded with Artaxerxes, but sent Agesilaus to Asia
Nepos_9.3   was not so clear to Artaxerxes as it was to all
Nepos_11.2   gained great glory. 4 When Artaxerxes wished to make war on
Nepos_12.2   had an alliance with Artaxerxes; the Lacedaemonians sided with
Nepos_14.11   and make war directly on Artaxerxes; .and he invited him to
Nepos_14.1-8   guarded the palace of Artaxerxes. ** His father Camisares,
Nepos_15.4   the request of King Artaxerxes, had undertaken to bribe
Nepos_17.2   rumour had gone forth that Artaxerxes ** was equipping a fleet
Nepos_21.1   him in deeds of arms. Mnemon, on the contrary, was celebrated
OGIS_264   (117-138AD)   after revolting from Artaxerxes king of the Persian
Oros_2.18   death of their father Darius, Artaxerxes and Cyrus contended for the
Oros_3.1   meantime the Persian king Artaxerxes, as has been mentioned
Plut:Mor_172-174 *   [172] Artaxerxes, King of Persia, O Caesar Trajanus,
Polyaen_7.14.1   [14] & Orontes. Artaxerxes ordered Orontes to send to
Polyaen_7.16.1   tle force he commanded. [16] & Artaxerxes. Artaxerxes sent
Polyaen_7.16.2   lso: Diodorus, 14.80] & Artaxerxes tried by all possible
Polyaen_7.17.1   After the death of Artaxerxes, his son Ochus realised that
ValMax_6.3e.2   homage which he gave to Darius, he flattered him after the

  Artaxerxes 3   III Ochus - king of Persia, 359-338 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Ochus
Aelian:Fr_35   & Suda_A'4127 , & E'1982 & & Ochus kills the goat of Men
Aelian:Fr_37   , M'1154 , & D'1225& Ochus having killed Apis wanted
Aelian:NA_10.28   hate the ass. Now Ochus the Persian* knowing this slew
AstrCan_2   II 46 389 405 B.C. (2 Dec.) Ochus 21 410 359 B.C. (21
Athen_4.150   an expedition against Ochus, king of Persia, and were
Athen_12.548   lse except himself." And Ochus, after he had had a long
ChronSynt_93   ears Asthas for 40 years Ochus for 20 years Arses son of
Euseb]:Chron_69   ars. Artaxerxes, for 40 years. Ochus, for 26 years. Arses,
Euseb]:Chron_127   "Mnemon" - for 40 years Artaxerxes, also called Ochus -
Euseb]:Chron_149   3 Persian kings: Ochus, in the 20th year of his reign,
Euseb]:Chron_159   After Nectanebus, Ochus the king of the Persians gained
Euseb]:Chron_203   who, when he was with Ochus amongst the Persians, kille
FGrH_255.4   eunuch Bagoas murdered Ochus, the king of the Persians,
Just_10.1   dlock, Darius, Ariarathes, and Ochus. Of these the father
Just_10.3   the throne was given to Ochus, who, dreading a similar
Lucian:Macr_15   ety-four). Another Artaxerxes, king of Persia, who accordi
Memn_1   Persia, and after him his son Ochus. Clearchus sent many
OGIS_264   (117-238 A.D.)   es handed over [the city] to Artaxerxes and died. [
Oros_3.7   Ochus, who was also called Artaxerxes, after completing a long and
Philoch_157   would make peace with Artaxerxes, if he did not attack
Polyaen_7.17.1   the victors' strength. [17] & Ochus. After the death of
ValMax_9.2e.7   cruelty of the other Ochus, Artaxerxes, who buried his sister and

Artaxerxessee Artaxias

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