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  Asculum   - the most important town in Picenum, Italy
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  + Asculans , Ausculum
279/25 Pyrrhus defeats the Romans at Asculum, but suffers heavy losses.
91/33 lius, his legate Fonteius, and other Romans are murdered at Asculum.
89/16 Sex.Caesar(?) dies at Asculum, and is succeeded in his command by C.B
89/26 large force of Italians near Asculum, after which Vidacilius commits
89/38 CIL_848-861, 875, 877, sling shots from Asculum.
89/39 Pompeius captures and sacks Asculum.
89/49 The triumph of Pompeius Strabo, over the Picentes of Asculum.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_169   Betucius Barrus of Asculum, some of whose orations, which
CIL_1.709   made Spanish horsemen Roman citizens in camp at Asculum on
CIL_1.847   ound at Corropoli, the rest at Asculum. Some of the re
CIL_1.859   [v]A gift for the Asculans. CIL_1 .861 L
Diod_37.2   Samnites, the people of Asculum, the Lucanians, the Picen
Diod_37.16   es, was committed to prison in Asculum by the Romans. This
Ennius:Ann_200   & The battle of Ausculum ; Decius Mus devotes himself
FastTr_p107   consul, & over the Picentes of Asculum, 6 k.Jan. (25th Dec
Obseq_54   was struck by lightning. At Asculum Romans were killed during the
Oros_5.18   River. 26 Pompeius entered Asculum and had the prefects,
Plin:HN_3.111   above it the colony of Asculum, the most famous in Picenum.
Plin:HN_7.135   Gnaeus Pompeius triumph after Asculum - albeit Masurius states
ValMax_6.9.9   add a greater one. When Asculum was captured, Cn. Pompeius, the

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