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  Atia   - niece of Julius Caesar, and mother of the emperor Augustus
Wikipedia entry
47/66 persuaded by his mother Atia that he should not go to Africa wit
43/99 The death of Atia, the mother of Octavianus.
    Within translations:
NicDam_127.5 brought up by his mother Atia and her husband Lucius Phili
NicDam_127.7 on the city, his mother Atia and Philippus quietly sent
NicDam_127.14 found that his mother Atia was opposed he said nothing
NicDam_128.32 succeed in persuading Atia at all, nor her sister, to
NicDam_130.48 aesar had enjoined Atia, the youth's mother, to take charg
NicDam_130.54 [54] His mother Atia, when she saw the glory of fortune
NicDam_130.126 do. Philippus and Atia his mother came also, at a loss

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