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  Atthis   - a local history of Attica
  + Atthides
260/3 fragments of Philochorus' "Atthis" which covered events down to
    Within translations:
Athen_14.637   the third book of his Atthis [ Fr_23 ], says- "Lysander
Athen_15.693   the second book of his Atthis [ Fr_ ], says- "And
Philoch_20   the first book of his Atthis and Philochorus in the sec
Philoch_26   ochorus in book 3 of his Atthis explain about the [two]
Philoch_32   Philochorus in book 3 of his Atthis. The ethnic [adjecti
Philoch_33   says in book 3 of his Atthis: "The theoric fund was at
Philoch_38   ochorus in book 4 of his Atthis also talks about these [ep
Philoch_42   ochorus in book 5 of his Atthis makes it clear that [Milto
Philoch_46   Philochorus in book 6 of his Atthis. [47] & HARPOCRATION
Philoch_49   the sixth Book of his Atthis, where his words (exactly
Philoch_52   iven by Androtion in his Atthis and by Philochorus in book
Philoch_53   the sixth Book of his Atthis, from which I will quote
Philoch_57   horus in the sixth book of his Atthis. [58] & Suda_K'826
Philoch_59   horus in the sixth book of his Atthis fell into . . . and
Philoch_66   lochorus, writing in his Atthis about the exile of the men
Philoch_T1   wrote seventeen books of Atthis; it contains the deeds of
Philoch_138   ed, as Philochorus says in his Atthis. [139] & (a) SCHOL.E
Philoch_147   in book 5 of his Atthis, and Philochorus say that he and
Philoch_167   sible fragments from the Atthis [181] & Suda_P'2022 & pomp

  Atthis 2   - daughter of Cranaus
Just_2.6 ceeded Cranaus, whose daughter Atthis gave name to the cou

  Atthis   - in documents
LeonTar_6.202 02] & { G-P 1 } & Atthis hung over your virginal portals,

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