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  Augustus   (Imp. Caesar Augustus) - Roman emperor, 30 B.C.-14 A.D.
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  + Augustan , Augusti , Caesar , Octavian , Octavianus , Octavius , Sebastus
106/20 ergamum, a rhetorician who became one of the teachers of Octavianus.
64/40 orus of Pergamon, the future teacher of Octavianus, is in his prime.
63/39 The birth of C.Octavius, the future emperor Augustus.
63/40 and Catulus both have dreams about the future greatness of Octavius.
61/25a ulus has a dream about the future greatness of the young Octavianus.
59/1 Cicero sees the young Octavianus while accompanying Caesar, and dream
58/11 The birth of Livia, the future wife of Augustus.
54/64 Octavianus shows signs of great promise, while only nine years old.
51/37 Octavianus delivers a funeral oration in honour of his grandmother
49/13 Octavianus, the great-nephew of Caesar, is sent away from Rome to pro
48/65 Octavianus puts on the toga virilis.
47/59 Octavianus appears in the forum during the Latin Festival.
47/66 Octavianus is persuaded by his mother Atia that he should not go
45/8 alm tree near Munda as a sign of the future greatness of Octavianus.
45/28 Octavianus joins Caesar in Spain.
45/51 composes his final will, which names Octavianus as his chosen heir.
45/62 Octavianus is sent to Apollonia, where he continues his studies.
44/106 Octavianus visits Cicero and wins some support from him.
44/111 Antonius prevents Octavianus from standing for election as tribune.
44/112 Rome bring about a reconciliation between Antonius and Octavianus.
44/114 Octavianus is accused of plotting to murder Antonius.
44/126 Octavianus brings a large number of veterans to Rome, but they refuse
44/129 ions desert from Antonius to Octavianus, while marching from Brundisi
44/139 Octavianus offers to use his legions to fight on behalf of the senate
44/140 utbreak of civil war between Antonius, Octavianus and their enemies.
44/22 Caesar appoints Octavianus to become magister equitum, when Lepidus
44/44 Octavianus decides to return from Apollonia to Italy.
44/45 Octavianus arrives at Brundisium, and takes on the name of Caesar.
44/51 Octavianus travels across Italy to Tarracina in Latium.
44/55 Octavianus arrives in Rome.
44/56 Octavianus meets Antonius, but fails to gain his support.
44/69 Octavianus raises money and pays 300 sesterces to every Roman citizen
44/70 uls for recovery of property from Octavianus, as the heir of Caesar.
44/89 Octavianus holds the Ludi Victoriae Caesaris, during which a comet
43/2 awards special honours to Octavianus, who is given the rank of pro
43/4 Octavianus takes up the fasces for the first time.
43/100 Octavianus, Antonius and Lepidus agree to form a political alliance
43/101 Octavianus, Antonius and Lepidus meet on an island near Bononia,
43/105 Octavianus performs a favourable sacrifice at Spoletium.
43/108 Octavianus resigns as consul, and Ventidius is appointed consul in
43/15 & Cic:EpFr_4'16, letters from Cicero to Trebonius and Octavianus.
43/35 Hirtius and Octavianus approach Mutina, but do not come into conflict
43/43 Octavianus is hailed as imperator for the first time; reckoned by som
43/47 Octavianus practices declamation during the fighting around Mutina.
43/51 following the victory at Mutina, and lesser honours to Octavianus.
43/65 Octavianus enters into communication with Antonius and Lepidus.
43/66 Cic:EpFr_4'1-6'5, letters between Cicero and Octavianus.
43/88 Octavianus sends some centurions to demand that he be made consul,
43/91 Octavianus marches on Rome.
43/92 Octavianus is appointed consul.
43/93 Octavianus forces the senate into compliance, and gives away money
43/94 [Cic]:AdOct_, a supposed letter from Cicero to Octavianus.
43/99 The death of Atia, the mother of Octavianus.
42/15 ompeius defeats the fleet of Octavianus near the promontory of Scylla
42/20 Antonius and Octavianus sail with their army from Brundisium to Maced
42/23 Antonius and Octavianus arrive at Philippi.
42/26 Octavianus vows to institute a festival and a temple of Mars Ultor
42/28 fleet carrying further reinforcements to Antonius and Octavianus.
42/29 Antonius and Octavianus attempt to force Brutus to fight another batt
42/38 of the eastern provinces, and Octavianus agrees to return to Italy.
42/42 Octavianus' return to Italy is delayed by a serious illness.
41/6 rbances throughout Italy, as Octavianus confiscates land to give
41/8 Octavianus repudiates his wife Claudia, the daughter of Fulvia.
41/9 parties in Italy, the veterans declare their support for Octavianus.
41/15 War breaks out between Octavianus and his enemies in Italy; L.Antonius
41/17 ius takes refuge in Perusia, and is surrounded by Octavianus' forces.
40/3 ius Pollio refuses to respond to some insults written by Octavianus.
40/4 Octavianus captures Perusia.
40/8 Octavianus marries Scribonia, the aunt of the wife of Sextus Pompeius
40/11 Octavianus seizes control of Gaul, after the death of the governor
40/20 Octavianus allows Lepidus to take control of the African provinces.
40/23 Antonius is reconciled with Octavianus at Brundisium, and agrees
40/28 Antonius and Octavianus go to Rome, where they are awarded ovations.
40/31 Rufus is killed, after being accused of plotting against Octavianus.
40/32 to Rome, where Antonius and Octavianus formally recognise him as kin
39/14 Octavianus divorces Scribonia, on the same day that their daughter Jul
38/1 Octavianus marries Livia.
38/5 deserts from Sextus Pompeius, and hands over Sardinia to Octavianus.
38/8 ndisium, but leaves soon afterwards as Octavianus fails to meet him.
38/9 Octavianus prepares to renew the war against Sextus Pompeius.
38/14 The fleet of Octavianus is destroyed in a storm, after he is defeated
38/22 letters from Octavianus to the cities of Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Sam
38/23 letters from Octavianus to Stephanus, and from Stephanus to Aphrodisi
37/1 Octavianus attempts to repair the damage to his fleet.
37/8 Antonius and Octavianus meet at Tarentum, and agree the terms for the
37/11 Messala leaves Antonius and joins Octavianus.
36/6 Octavianus and Lepidus launch a combined attack on Sicily.
36/7 The fleet of Octavianus is damaged in a storm; but Menas deserts from
36/10 Octavianus is defeated by Sextus Pompeius near Tauromenium, and force
36/13 Gabienus, a soldier of Octavianus, utters a prophecy to Pompeius afte
36/14 Octavianus decisively defeats Sextus Pompeius in a naval battle near
36/15 deserted by his army, and Octavianus strips him of his triumviral
36/17 Octavianus offers concessions to stop a mutiny amongst his soldiers.
36/21 African provinces, and brings them under the control of Octavianus.
36/22 Octavianus is awarded honours, perhaps including tribunician power,
36/23 Octavianus celebrates an ovation, for his victory in Sicily.
36/24 Octavianus rewards Agrippa with the unique honour of a "naval crown".
36/25 Octavianus returns the runaway slaves to their masters.
36/28 Maecenas governs Italy on behalf of Octavianus.
35/1 Octavianus founds colonies at Tauromenium and Rhegium.
35/5 Octavianus leads a military campaign against the Iapydes.
35/6 Octavianus is wounded when a bridge collapes.
35/10 Octavianus attacks the Pannonians and captures Siscia.
35/14 Octavianus returns to Rome, where he grants additional honours to Oct
35/15 Octavianus insults Vatinius.
34/3 Octavianus sets out to invade Britain, but returns on hearing of unre
34/9 Octavianus attacks the Dalmatians.
33/_ Consuls: Imp. Caesar Divi f. (II), L. Volcacius L.f. Tullus
33/1 Octavianus resigns as consul on the first day of the year.
33/5 The Dalmatians surrender to Octavianus.
33/7 Octavianus restores the Porticus Octavia, and displays the trophies
33/9 Octavianus and Antonius exchange mutual insults and accusations.
33/14 Octavianus founds more Roman colonies, including Pola in Istria.
33/15 525, recording the construction of a wall at Tergeste by Octavianus.
33/19 Campbell_340, an edict of Octavianus granting privileges to veterans
33/21 Octavianus seizes control of Mauretania after the death of Bocchus.
33/25 Sherk_86'1-72, a letter of Octavianus concerning Seleucus of Rhosus.
32/2 Sosius speaks out against Octavianus in the senate.
32/3 Octavianus appears in the senate with an armed guard, and the consuls
32/11 Plancus and Titius desert from Antonius to Octavianus.
32/14 Octavianus seizes the will of Antonius, and reads it in the senate.
32/16 All Italy takes an oath of allegiance to Octavianus.
32/20 Octavianus starts to restore the temple of Jupiter Feretrius.
31/_ Consuls: Imp. Caesar Divi f. (III), M. Valerius M.f. Messalla Corvinu
31/2 Omens occur before the war between Octavianus and Antonius.
31/3 Antonius and Octavianus assemble large land and naval forces.
31/4 Octavianus sails from Brundisium to Corcyra, but is forced to withdra
31/6 Octavianus occupies a position near Actium; and Agrippa seizes Corcyr
31/7 erk_91 (Syll_768), a letter from Octavianus to the city of Mylasa.
31/9 Antonius marches to confront Octavianus.
31/20 Maecenas governs Italy in the absence of Octavianus.
31/23 Octavianus decisively defeats Antonius in a naval battle near Actium.
31/24 The years of Augustus as sole ruler can be counted from his victory
31/25 The land army of Antonius surrenders to Octavianus.
31/28 Octavianus punishes some of his opponents, but forgives others.
31/29 Octavianus reduces and restructures the Roman armies.
31/30 Octavianus goes to Asia, after sending Agrippa to dispel unrest in
31/32 Inconclusive negotiations between Antonius and Octavianus.
31/33 Sherk_86'73-84, the third letter from Octavianus to Rhosus.
31/34 Artorius, a doctor employed by Octavianus, dies in a shipwreck.
30/_ Consuls: Imp. Caesar Divi f. (IV), M. Licinius M.f. Crassus
30/1 Octavianus quells a mutiny at Brundisium and allocates land in Italy
30/2 Octavianus sails back to Greece.
30/3 Octavianus constructs monuments to Apollo and Neptune at Actium.
30/4 Octavianus founds the city of Nicopolis, near Actium.
30/5 Octavianus settles veterans at Patrae.
30/7 Octavianus punishes Ephesus for its support of Antonius.
30/10 Antonius and Cleopatra send envoys to Octavianus.
30/14 Herodes meets Octavianus in Rhodes, and is forgiven for his previous
30/15 Herodes receives Octavianus and his army at Ptolemais.
30/17 Octavianus captures Pelusium.
30/18 Octavianus defeats Antonius near Alexandria.
30/19 Octavianus enters Alexandria.
30/23 Tyrannion, a grammarian, is captured by Octavianus.
30/24 Octavianus visits Cleopatra, but is impervious to her charms.
30/30 Egypt, the reign of Augustus starts after the death of Cleopatra.
30/31 Octavianus re-arranges the household of Antonius; Caesarion and Antyl
30/35 Other arrangements made by Octavianus while staying in Alexandria.
30/37 Herodes meets Octavianus in Egypt.
30/38 Octavianus restores statues and other treasures that have been remove
30/40 '85-93, the fourth letter of Octavianus concerning Seleucus of Rhosus
30/41 Octavianus reorganises the provinces and kingdoms in the east.
30/42 Artavasdes of Media Atropatene takes refuge with Octavianus.
30/43 Octavianus negotiates an agreement with Phraates of Parthia.
30/44 Octavianus spends the winter in Asia.
Suetonius,- SUETONIUS, Augustus

Augustussee Constantinus

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