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  Barzapharnes   - a Parthian general, who captured Jerusalem in 40 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:AJ_14.330   of Parthia's son, and Barzapharnes, a commander of the
Joseph:AJ_14.332   itime parts, but the commander Barzapharnes through the
Joseph:AJ_14.341   himself as ambassador to Barzapharnes, which was done frau
Joseph:AJ_14.343   their arms. [343] Barzapharnes also received them at the
Joseph:AJ_14.346   danger; but he went to Barzapharnes, and told him he did
Joseph:AJ_15.12   following manner: [12]   Barzapharnes and Pacorus, the generals
Joseph:AJ_20.245   ty-four years more, when Barzapharnes and Pacorus, the gen
Joseph:BJ_1.248   years afterward, when Barzapharnes, a governor among
Joseph:BJ_1.249   -coast, while he ordered Barzapharnes to fall upon the Jew
Joseph:BJ_1.255   go as an ambassador to Barzapharnes, in order to put an
Joseph:BJ_1.433   rried away as captive by Barzapharnes, when he overran Syr

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