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  Beneventum   - a town in Samnium, Italy, called Maloentum by the Greeks
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275/17 The Romans defeat Pyrrhus at the battle of Beneventum.
268/13 und colonies at Ariminum and Beneventum, and the Sabines are given
214/10 Gracchus defeats Hanno near Beneventum.
212/8 Fulvius defeats Hanno near Beneventum.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.1732 ia, eldest daughter). Found at Beneventum. Elegiacs
CIL_1.1734 Latin Text Marcius Philodamus. Beneventum. Early in
CIL_1.1737 .1737 Latin Text Offellius. Beneventum. Lucius Offe
CIL_1.1739 1739 Latin Text C. Petuellius. Beneventum. Gaius Petue
CIL_1.395 Text Aulus Cervius, consul of Beneventum. On a frag
CIL_1.396 ext Gaius Faldilius, consul of Beneventum. On an old
Ennius:Ann_205 & The battle of Beneventum ; Pyrrhus moves to attack
Ennius:Ann_207 (during the battle of Beneventum ? ) : MACROBIUS , quot
Hieron:Chron_1732 Romans founded Ariminum and Beneventum. 124th OLYMPIAD

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